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Not Great, Only Kind

This has really been the perfect day, not to hot, not cold, so I decided I would use it to work in my yard.   I love sitting on the earth, pulling weeds  and keeping my little space clean, somewhere in my mind I feel that it comforts the weary souls who pass by .  Today, two special things happened today that really birghtened my day.  Since I am getting older now and have slowed down, I decided early what I was going to accomplish today and started out with a lot of energy, but about half way thru my muscles cramped and I decided to stretch out on the lawn for a minute.  Much to my surprise, I heard a voice ask me, "Are you alright?"  A stranger saw me and was concerned.  What a beautiful soul! I had the wheel barrow with me to put the weeds in and just ... Read Full Story >>

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An Old Habit and Ten Bucks

As I was sitting outside on the bench in front of the thrift store, a car pulled up and a woman stepped out with donations for our small mission. I got up to help her carry in her gifts.

As I helped her, I noticed two $5.00 bills laying in the street.  You see, it has become a habit of mine to always for trash around my small space because I like things neat and clean.  I think it shows respect for the people who shop at our thrift store.  But as a result, I always look to the ground and that's how I saw the the two five dollar bills.

In a flash, I remembered a yound woman who had went into the beauty shop next door and I remembered her because of her shoes. So I just opened the door and asked if anyone had lost some money.  This yound woman looked down and asked if I had found two $5.00 bills?  Sure enough, she claimed it.

The young woman thanked me and told me it was her lunch money. 

I was really  glad I had this habit of keeping an eye on the ground. :)

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I think I could live to 200 yrs. and still not understand what happened today. I was sitting infront of my little shop talking to a 6 yr old girl. In my 65 yr old mind I was trying to tell this little girl how important words were and how important it was to know how to use a dictionary. The word semantics came up and I went inside to get my dictionary, I wanted her to know the correct meaning of the word was.

However as I started to look up the word, I realized how hard it is to look up up word when you don't  know how to spell.  I went next door to ask her mother how to spell the word, she was of no help.  In the end all I could tell this little 6 yr old, was she better learn how to spell or she would end up like me, knowing a word, but not being able to prove it in the correct manner. The good news is I did realize words change from time to time and I am not able to change as fast. I think I might be happy being a good heart. I do not have the win a spelling bee.

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Shoe Store Lesson Learned

I was born with a compassionate and generous spirit.   I have always championed the under dog.  But it never occured to me that those who are in complete command of their life might still need something from me.

Today I went with my husband to get him some new shoes.  Now, he already has 15 pairs!  I have 2.  His materialistic attitudes really bother me at times because I would rather give my money away than to spend it on myself. 

Anyhow, a big shoe sale was going on.  More than 30 people were trying to get the attention of these 2 salesgirls.  I watched one of them and was amazed how efficient and professional she was.   As my turn finally came and I was checking out, I mentioned to the girl how I admired how she had handled her very demanding job.   She smiled big.  I mean, the radiance from her smile would have put the sunlight to shame.

We all need to be recognized from time to time.

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Learning to Tame Demons

I just got back from a solo trip. Took this trip just to prove to myself I could do it.  Picked up a little weekly free paper called "The Pulse." Read an article on "taming demons."

It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to need, but not know what you need. It's okay to take a break, turn outward, and maybe help a friend with their demons for a while. It's okay to feel hurt, or scared, or depressed, or angry. It's okay to shut down until you're ready to plug in again. It's okay to shout. It's okay to cry. It's okay to hide.

Give yourself permission. And if it goes against your grain to do so, try again. Look around you to those who seem able to do it more easily. You're not being selfish by taking care of yourself, you're being wise.

You don't have to carry your baggage around forever. You don't have to feed your demons. You can desire peace. You can deserve happiness. You can receive love.

I picked this paper up at Mocha Joe's, in Tenn.  On the top of his lunch board was written. "Be nice to a stranger today."

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