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It's A Small World

--by RoseMarie, posted Jul 14, 2016
I was in the supermarket queue yesterday and was having a  lovely chat with the lady in front of me. A member of staff came to me and directed me to a checkout which had just opened. I was reluctant to go but felt obliged to do so. When I arrived at the said checkout the cashier was allowing a little child to scan through their shopping. My first thoughts were I'd have got served quicker if I'd just stayed where I was.

Eventually it was my turn. The cashier was sweet and apologized for the delay. Then she asked me to pass my shopping bags to her so that she could pack I thanked her and told her she was busy enough I would do it. 'But I want to help.' came the big smiling reply. We chatted as we both packed and somehow through our small talk she told me (humbly I have to say) about the distraught customer who a few days previously had lost her purse. The checkout operator who was called Susan, told me that she paid for the customer's shopping. Later, the customer returned with the money. I told her this was a huge act of kindness and compassion and she would be paid a hundredfold for such an act. She said it was the only thing to do. She then proudly told me that management had heard about it, thanked her and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. I was so pleased that her big heart and kindness had been acknowledged in such a positive way. Earlier I had heard this checkout operator extolling the virtues of a store loyalty club card to a customer. Susan was really warm and genuine, she does her job well and as I left I heard her apologize to the next customer for keeping them waiting. I could see that the treatment I had been given was the only type of treatment Susan knew and was prepared to give.

My daughter Nicola who is 23 just so happens to work in this store. She is a manager of customer care, trollies, security and service. Nicola came to stay with me last night and I relayed the incident to her.

Guess what, Nicola was actually the manager who praised Susan and presented her with the flowers! Nicola told me that the customer's bill was approximately £60, that's more than a full day's pay for Susan.

When I told Nicola about the child being allowed to scan items and about Susan marketing the store loyalty Club card, she was so impressed. She said she was going to award Susan Employee of the Month. I asked how she could do this. She explained she was going to discuss it at today's meeting about Service and as she was the Service Manager, the other Managers would respect her opinion. I hadn't really thought about what a Service Manager does. Apparently she is responsible for encouraging staff throughout the entire store to 'go the extra mile' for customers. I can see why she was given that role.

Isn't it just a small world, beautiful but small ......

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gregacuna wrote: Beautiful. The gift keeps moving around and giving. And giving. Thanks!
mindyjourney wrote: amazing how the Universe guides the larger picture! :)))). thanks for sharing with us :))
mnc_91 wrote: Thank you Rosemarie for this beautiful story!
debmeron wrote: Great great story!
mish wrote: Wow!!! What a wonderful gal! And how perfectly serendipitous that your daughter can make this happen! Beautiful share...thank you for posting about. 👍
DANCE wrote: what a delightful story!!!!!
splain wrote: I so enjoyed reading this RoseMarie.
Novice50 wrote: This is a great example of how kindness can bring even more kindness - thank you for sharing.
scushman wrote: that is so cool!
leoladyc728 wrote: Your daughter is so filled with kindness

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