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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Yesterday I went into town. I was using my crutches and I had a bag on each crutch, which was not a good idea. I had an item I wished to get a refund for. It has been awaiting return over 8 weeks (from before my injury) and I really wanted to get rid of it. I switched my debit card so a refund was not possible. I ended up having to exchange the returned item for another, this meant I still had an item to carry. I hadn't been counting on this as I was out to purchase items and I had items which needed to be wrapped and posted. I really struggled through the shopping mall with my bags on my crutches. I had a winter coat on so I was roasted and exhausted! After a while, I found a space on a bench in the mall. I ... Read Full Story >>

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Meeting Sid, my Valentine

As I do not have a significant other, I usually treat myself for Valentine's Day.  Why should I have to do without? :) Well I was on my way to the supermarket when I spotted an elderly man who had not long left the shopping mall. He had a walking stick and could only walk a few steps before he tired and held the fence. I did an about turn, went to him and offered to take him home.  He had a few other items to collect in the town centre, so I went with him. We went to the chemist then another food store where he only picked up two items. Total time with him was about half an hour.  I am quite certain that if he'd been going it alone, he would have taken three hours or more. He got a taxi to the first shop, then he intended ... Read Full Story >>

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Flowers For a Gardner

An elderly lady who lives near me keeps her garden so beautiful. It has an abundance of flowers and colours. The weather is not too good here at the moment, it's actually raining. I drove past this elderly lady's house and the garden is showing signs of winter with very little by way of flowers or colour. I knocked on her door and she came out. She doesn't know me and I told her I had flowers for her. Dear love, she said she couldn't imagine who would be giving her flowers. I told her it was me and I was giving them to her because she works so hard in her garden and we all get to enjoy the beauty of it. She was totally gobsmacked. All she could say was 'I don't know what to say.' Her name is Elizabeth. Tears ran down Elizabeth's face and you would truly ... Read Full Story >>

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'A Young Lady' Called Charlotte

I have seen Charlotte waiting for a bus many times. She is in her 80's. She is petite and thin. She lives in a little Fold for the elderly near my home. I have got to know her as I stop and give her a lift any time I see her. Even if I am going the opposite direction or I have just nipped out for a pint of milk, I still give her a lift. She is circumspect though and would be careful who she would take a lift from. When I changed my car she was used to seeing my silver car pull up beside her but was wary the first time I pulled up in my new white car. Charlotte looks elderly and frail but last time I gave her a lift she told me she'd been on a helicopter ride, photos even shown  to prove it! She ... Read Full Story >>

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Simple But Profound Acts Of Love

I love Mother Theresa. I have read a lot about her but want to share a story about her that made a massive and everlasting impression on me. Mother Theresa and her nuns used to go into the streets of Calcutta to tend to the poor. If a nun was having an off day (they too have their off days which surprised me but shows they are only human ) she would not let them go out to minister as she felt their passion and dedication was not strong enough. Anyway, one day she and her team brought a man home from the gutters. It took them 3 hours to clean the worms off him, I still can't get my head round this! 3 hours for a team to clean worms off him, I don't think I'll ever get my head round this! When the man was clean he thanked ... Read Full Story >>

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The Elderly Can Be Proud But Lonely

My niece is in her first year teaching in Liverpool. She lives in a block of flats and was telling us about a 94 year old woman who lives in the flats. This frail lady is called Valerie and Linsey got to know her. Linsey and her flatmate called to see Valerie and Valerie had even made them dinner. The sad thing though is perhaps the loneliness of Valerie. My niece has said Valerie sends her letters and cards even though they live in the same building. Makes you think doesn't it? We really need to tune in more to the elderly who need social interaction above and beyond sending mail to those who live in the same building as them. It made me think of Charlotte, I've mentioned her before in posts. Last time I met Charlotte I dropped her off at her supported living facility. She brought me in ... Read Full Story >>

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When The Patients Asked For Help With Their Beautiful Idea

My beautiful 18-year-old daughter was admitted to psychiatric care. I visited her every day twice a day. She was the only patient who had visitors at every session; some were lucky to have a visitor once a week.  I was asked by the patients to prepare a Christmas basket on their behalf for the nursing staff, and I was given enough money to put together a luxury basket. My colleague Olive came into my classroom when I was attempting to make the basket while students were out. She could see I was exhausted and unwell as I struggled putting the basket together. Olive took over and made a great job of the basket then carried it to my car. When I brought the basket to the patients, they were absolutely delighted. I was there when they presented it to the nursing staff; they'd never been given anything like this before and they ... Read Full Story >>

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Roses For Everyone!

The best way to feel love is to give love and today I'm feeling a lot of love. This morning I went to the supermarket and bought a dozen beautiful red roses. I then brought them to the hospital with me when I went to my fracture clinic appointment. Where better to give love than in a hospital setting? I gave roses to various women visiting loved ones as they walked through the parking lot. I gave roses to two elderly ladies who were waiting to be collected from reception. One had a badly bruised face (I think she had perhaps had a fall), and the other lady just looked sad. I gave a rose to Maria as well. She was in the shop being pushed in a wheelchair by her teenage daughter. I later saw her husband smile at me. Maria was admitted to the hospital yesterday. She was so touched by ... Read Full Story >>

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The Kindness Wave and the Hopeful Tears

I want to share my tears with you. Now I know we've been here before with my pain and you have all given me love and support but today it's different. You see, as I sit and type this, this morning tears are running down my face, my nose is running and my heart is very active. All of this is good though. Let me explain.  My tears today are activated by joy, love, inspiration so many other positive emotions. I have been reading inspirational stories. Stories that have had a big pull on my heart. These include the latest stories I will share briefly with you: The police department who responded to an 80+  elderly man  who asked if someone would bring him food as he hadn't eaten in 2 days because his care-worker had scammed him out of his money.  4 or 5 policemen bought him grocery supplies out of their own pocket ... Read Full Story >>

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"School Ambassador" decides to become an Electrician

Today I was recruiting for a business administration class. Recruitment was slow and at the end of the day I telephoned students who were given a conditional offer in May. I telephoned Blaine's mother. She was very interested in him doing my course. Quite often when a student doesn't come back to us in Further Education it means they did really well and are going to continue on at school, complete their A Levels and go to university. I remembered Blaine didn't want to go to university. When I telephoned, his mum was able to confirm that Blaine had indeed done really well. He had decided to do a course to become an electrician. I could tell his mum was anxious about this. I asked how she felt about this. She really wanted him to do my course and 'doing a trade' was very much out of her comfort zone. I ... Read Full Story >>

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years. ' Mark Twain My 23 year old daughter and I embody the female version of the above quote. When I left her father about 12 years ago she chose to stay with him. He was very acrimonious about the break up and unfortunately stoked her anger fire. She literally had nothing to do with me for about 5 years, no contact, no presents to me, no overnight stays. It broke my heart. Now she works near my home. She has often slept on the settee in my home and I so love this. Last Mother's Day she sent me the card below,  it says: To Mum Hope you have a nice Mother's Day Thanks ... Read Full Story >>

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A Missed Act of Kindness

I have been inspired by you and you and yes you too! I think it takes maturity to give kindness to strangers as you are unsure how the potential receiver will react to you. As I said, I am inspired by you all. There seem to be a few new young members and they have inspired me to write this particular post. When I was a young student I remember going to college and the bin men (trash collectors) were emptying the bins. The bins were like the one in the image in those days!  The men lifted the bin and hoisted it on their shoulder to empty into the lorry. One day, as I was passing a bin man lifted a bin which was obviously heavier than it should have been, and he fell to the ground in excruciating pain. He was lying in the street flat on his back crying out with ... Read Full Story >>

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The Angel And The Taxi Driver

I bought 2 scented sachets of Warm Cinnamon spice today. Last time I was in the shop which sells these I gave one to the male member of staff who put a £1 coin in my trolley because I was struggling with my crutches. He was really pleased. Today I bought a sachet for myself but I felt pressed to buy an extra sachet. My taxi arrived and the driver put my shopping in the boot and was really lovely with small talk. A song came on the radio and he sang away to it. It was Stevie Nicks (from Fleetwood Mac). He then told me about 20 years ago he took a '"Will you marry me Stevie? " banner to her concert. He says the band were pointing to it and laughing during the performance. I asked if she refused him because she didn't want to live in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, ... Read Full Story >>

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Baby Ezra, The Christening and The Kind Tailor

This is baby Ezra. He is getting christened on Sunday. I know he will look beautiful on the day but he won't be the only well turned out guy in the family. His great grandfather is in a nursing home and has Alzheimers. Grandad is getting out to attend the church christening. Nanny has ordered him a new suit. Even though grandad will only be at the church service his loyal wife who is 88 years of age insists he is well groomed. She has got a tailor to come to the nursing home and measure grandad, he will be suited and booted, no stone unturned. Today she told me that the tailor called. Being in the nursing home and seeing the patients left a lasting impression on him. He has only charged my mother in law 50% of the full cost, what a kind man. He also told her she was ... Read Full Story >>

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Encountering Faith In Humanity

Driving along a country road this morning on my way to work and there was a trash collector emptying the bins/trash. The collector was down on the ground lifting up broken glass which had fallen out of the bin. Was touched by his citizenship, many others wouldn't have bothered and another could have got a punctured tyre. A small act of kindness that saved potential distress and financial cost. Gave me a great faith in humanity and made my heart sing. A lady takes my students for Projects ie real work in an office environment. Yesterday was the first time I met her so I said I would take her for lunch today, she was really pleased, my predecessor didn't even talk to her or guide her about what she should be doing with the students to help them gain their qualification. Lunch was fab until I went to pay. .... ... Read Full Story >>

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Music To My Ears

She didn't like us. Any of us. We didn't do anything to offend her and she didn't know us but that didn't matter, she still didn't like us. As new teachers in the Emirati school, we Westerners greeted her every day. She ignored us. She came into our rooms and  bypassed us as she shook hands with all the non Westerners in our staff room. Whenever we saw her, she avoided eye contact with us.Eventually, we stopped trying to befriend her. I won't say her nationality but her friends had been fired from the school, we had been employed in their place and that was enough for her to have nothing to do with us. Well after 16 months in the school we had a secret pal gifting. I drew her name from the glass jar and that meant she was my secret pal. My role was to buy her a gift and ... Read Full Story >>

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It's A Small World

I was in the supermarket queue yesterday and was having a  lovely chat with the lady in front of me. A member of staff came to me and directed me to a checkout which had just opened. I was reluctant to go but felt obliged to do so. When I arrived at the said checkout the cashier was allowing a little child to scan through their shopping. My first thoughts were I'd have got served quicker if I'd just stayed where I was. Eventually it was my turn. The cashier was sweet and apologized for the delay. Then she asked me to pass my shopping bags to her so that she could pack I thanked her and told her she was busy enough I would do it. 'But I want to help.' came the big smiling reply. We chatted as we both packed and somehow through our small talk she told ... Read Full Story >>

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I Love Gratitude

Yesterday I donated some unwanted items to Habitat for Humanity where the items will be restored and sold. As I was carrying the items downstairs I thought about when I was a child. Roll back 50 years.. I grew up in a very poor area. We lived in a terraced house, two bedrooms and 8 children, yes no typos, 2 bedrooms and 8 children, 9 years between the youngest and the eldest. The dining room was converted into a bedroom. Still they were cramped conditions but we knew no different. Money was scarce and my mum never was in a position to donate to charity, we lived in survival mode. One pair of shoes each and in fact I vividly remember going to Mass and not wanting to kneel down for Communion because there were holes in my shoes. I was no different from the rest of my family in that ... Read Full Story >>

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I See You

She sat in my class. A teenage girl. All the girls had grouped their desks but hers sat in isolation. I reformed groups and ensured that she never sat alone. I encouraged group ethos and it worked well. In this country, girls love to bring flowers and gifts for each other. Not Amani though. She had no friends to either give to or receive from. She has special needs and her communication level is low especially in English (I am teaching in the Middle East). Watching her face and it's lack of emotion pulled so hard at my heartstrings. Seeing her walk about alone during recreation was painful for me. What could I do? I couldn't be her classmate, I was her teacher. Despite this, I had to reach out. On the last day before school broke up at the end of term I brought a gift for Amani. It was a very generous gift ... Read Full Story >>

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A Call from a Friend

I called my mother-in-law this morning just to check up on her. While we were speaking on the telephone someone knocked on her door. She was obviously anxious and asked me what she should do. I told her not to open the door, and if it was someone who knew her well they would knock the living room window. I rang back about 10 minutes later to check on her. She was really upbeat and told me a friend had called. I was pleased but thought this was a bit mysterious as she did not identify her "friend." A short while later she called me back. She sounded so happy. Her friend had just left. It turns out her friend was a policeman from the local police station. A few weeks ago, he called to her house when someone attempted to break in. Since then he returned with alarms for all ... Read Full Story >>

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Amidst Grief-Grace Emerged

Last week, a young former student of mine, passed away. She was only 21 years of age.  At the funeral her father thanked me for coming to the funeral. He said he wanted to get in touch with me but didn't know how to since I'm in a different campus now. He told me he knew I loved his daughter and she too loved me; I was so deeply touched and humbled to be told this. He has since then told others how pleased and grateful the family were that I attended the funeral. A few days after the funeral I received the attached card. Imagine! They sent me a card in the midst of their grief! It thanks me for being so kind to their wee angel and says she was very fond of me. An 'x' at the end of it. Katherine was a good girl but I never had to ... Read Full Story >>

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Pregnant Woman in Labor Chauffeured By Bus

Just read this post online about a 27 week pregnant woman got a bus to go to the nearest hospital. She was having contractions. The bus man knew this. As she approached her stop she got up from her seat. The driver told her to sit down. He then announced to the rest of the passengers that he was taking a detour for the following 4 bus stops and they could get off the bus and get another new route if they wished. The driver then drove the expectant woman to the doors of the hospital, got off the bus with her and brought her right to the hospital doors.  The following day, the woman rang the bus company from hospital hoping to find out if the driver had got into trouble. She found that only one person on the bus filed a complaint. The driver also rang the company after ... Read Full Story >>

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Ripples At The Bakery

They came into the bakery with their father. A little brother and sister; both were very respectful and receptive to the man who held the door open for them. Their upbeat "thank you's" really made an impression on me. When I received my change, I gave each of them  £1 and explained that I was so impressed with their good manners. Their dad was not buying pastries, only bread. He allowed them to take the money. I left the bakery and as I was coming out of another shop I bumped into them again, each carefully carrying their little treat in a little bakery bag so that it did not get damaged. They waved to me and smiled; we were now friends. As I smiled back and walked to my car I thought of their eagerness to relay this event to mum. A simple act of kindness starting with the man who ... Read Full Story >>

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Winning Actions At Euro Football

Football fans get a lot of bad press but this story inspired me. Northern Ireland were playing Wales in France a few days ago and Tom, a 13-year-old Welsh fan got separated from his dad.

Northern Ireland fans lifted Tom up onto a bin and helped him locate his father in the crowd. The video shows the rival teams chanting and cheering as Tom locates dad. Beautiful.

Quick action from men who recognized the importance of Tom even though he supported the rival team. A young boy became more important than the Euro Football for those who were football fanatics and who were living and breathing for their team victory.

Don't you just love such a public display of solidarity and love from men especially when meeting in a rivalry situation?

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Rehmat and His Perfume

He smelled absolutely beautiful as he leaned across the table to pour my coffee. I later learned his name was Rehmat. He works in the hotel we are staying in in Fujairah, UAE. I couldn't resist it, I had to tell him his scent was beautiful. He blushed and humbly thanked me for my compliment. As I continued to enjoy my breakfast, Rehmat returned to my table. He presented me with his 'perfume'. There wasn't much left in it he declared but he wanted me to have it. Oh my!!! I was so touched!!! What a beautiful gesture; he'd gone to his bag and gifted me with his 'perfume'. Of course, I couldn't take this gift, it was too much. I got my friends to smell how beautiful he was. I decided that I want to give a gift to Rehmat. I went to my room and brought down a little Irish Celtic Cross ... Read Full Story >>

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Improvising Lipstick

They sat like two little school girls in the corner of the school courtyard. Unaware that they were being watched, they were joyful and innocent. I was intrigued as I passed them and as I approached, they started to hide what they were doing. What they were doing was using an old red pen discarded by a student, and they were trying to use this to paint their lips red. Of course, my intention was not to embarrass them but when I approached the one who was getting her lips 'painted red' by the other, quickly covered her mouth. When I saw the red pen in the other's hand, I realised what they were doing. The one who was getting her lips painted, ran away and into the cleaner's room which is her base in work. How innocent! Such joy from such a basic thing. Of course, I cannot leave this and pretend ... Read Full Story >>

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The Pocket Watch

Last night I invited my ex husband's mother out for a meal. After the meal we came back to my house and sat and chatted. That's when she told me about the true value of the pocket watch.  She had nursed her brother Arthur when he was dying of cancer. He gave her an old pocket watch. He removed the old cord which had been on it for as long as she could remember, and with his mother's permission he attached it to one of his father's pocket watch chains. He was getting it ready to gift to her. A few weeks before he transitioned, the local priest came to speak to her. He knew the true value of the pocket watch and after much thought and prayers decided to share this story with her: A widow in the diocese was not only grieving her husband's death but she was also distressed about ... Read Full Story >>

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Love You Always

It was totally tangled around another piece of jewelry. I thought I would never unravel it but I knew I had to, it was important to me. You see, this lovely gold heart locket was a precious gift from my then 13 year old daughter. She had thought long and hard about what she wanted to gift me for my birthday and she must have saved really hard for it too. She refused to let anyone else contribute to it, it had to be solely from her. It is a gold heart  locket which is inscribed 'Love you always' on the back. The little card which goes with it says ' To my beautiful mummy. Love you with all my heart! from Lauren xx' Such a thoughtful and loving girl. Inside contains two little really badly cut photos of her and I. Life with Lauren is very challenging since she was diagnosed with ... Read Full Story >>

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Officer 054, of Coweta County

I read this story online yesterday. A police force lost one of their colleagues to cancer. They were having a memorial to him and a kind person in the station thought her colleagues would find it a tough day after the service.

She decided to buy in personalized doughnuts for those in the station and get them delivered. She got them iced in blue and the policeman's id no 054 written in black. What a thoughtful person to do this.

When the order was taken by her local Publix,  the  member of staff said there was no charge, they were on the house.

Kindness begets kindness my friends. X

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The Meter Man Shared His Deeply Painful Story

It was a scorching summer's day many years ago. I had just returned from town where I had bought my children their school shoes for the new term. When we arrived home, all the purchased goods were dropped in the hallway and we all got iced drinks and cooled down. The electricity man arrived to take a meter reading. I had known in the past that they are allocated a mere 3 minutes for each meter reading. The man arrived at my door, I knew he was busy but I had to invite him in for a cool drink and shade from the very hot day. My children were delighted, they loved seeing kindness. I invited him in and he agreed to sit, have a cool drink and just rest for a while. He could see all our bags dumped in the hallway but that didn't matter to him. He enjoyed seeing ... Read Full Story >>

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