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'A Young Lady' Called Charlotte

--by RoseMarie, posted Jul 24, 2016

I have seen Charlotte waiting for a bus many times. She is in her 80's. She is petite and thin. She lives in a little Fold for the elderly near my home. I have got to know her as I stop and give her a lift any time I see her. Even if I am going the opposite direction or I have just nipped out for a pint of milk, I still give her a lift. She is circumspect though and would be careful who she would take a lift from. When I changed my car she was used to seeing my silver car pull up beside her but was wary the first time I pulled up in my new white car.

Charlotte looks elderly and frail but last time I gave her a lift she told me she'd been on a helicopter ride, photos even shown  to prove it! She had gone with her daughter and granddaughter and my, she looked like she enjoyed the whole experience! I told her she's braver than I am! I loved too that in this technological age, her family were considerate enough to print the photos out for Charlotte.

I met her recently in Lisburn town centre where we both live. She was sitting on a bench with a few items of shopping. I asked her if I could give her a lift home, she didn't recognise me though as I was out of context for her ie not in my car. She explained she was going to visit the elderly in a nearby home. She thanked me for my offer but did not want to take me out of my way and was happy to get the bus as usual. I told her it was my pleasure and organised to meet her a few minutes later when I had picked up my shopping. Charlotte happily agreed. I picked her up and dropped her off at the home. She told me someone else usually brings her home.

Charlotte might look like a thin frail old lady in her 80's but I can see past that, she's young at heart, can soar high into the sky and at the same time grounded enough to visit 'the elderly' who may need a visit, company and a friendly face.

When I grow up  I want to be as young as Charlotte.

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saoudiishak1 wrote: good
mindyjourney wrote: Dear friend, your beautifully written shares are so very dear and uplifting :)))), like that helicopter! thank you :) and thank Charlotte <3.
Mish wrote: I ❤️Charlotte's spirit!! Thank you for being so helpful to her , RoseMarie. I know a few feisty, wonderful gals nearing 90! They inspire me.
kjoyw wrote: What a wonderful share! And what a great spirited lady is Charlotte!
balou wrote: wow, RoseMarie, she really sounds great, I'd like to be like her as well! And thank you for the kindness of giving her lifts whenever possible.
horsegirl21 wrote: Wonderful to stay young at heart. Thank you for sharing about Charlotte.
leoladyc728 wrote: Charlotte has a strong spirit
Marleen wrote: Amen! May charlotte inspire lots of people and awaken their spark!
c_woodster wrote: That's awesome, glad you could help her out, even though she insisted on taking the bus home
Rajni wrote: Very inspiring. Charlotte lived life fully. Some people just exist.

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