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A Christmas Tradition of Spreading Warmth

--by Pattu, posted Jul 24, 2016
Two days before Christmas I was out in town finishing all the last minute shopping and I had not noticed it was pretty late and was closing time for all the shops. I hailed a taxi and piled in all the bags of shopping and presents and was on my way home. I looked out of the window and saw that many homeless people were settling down on the empty pavements in the cold night with very little to cover themselves and keep them warm. I had a sudden idea.

The day I went to the shops and bought as many blankets and and quilts which were on sale and in the evening after business time set out in my car along the same route I had seen the homeless people on the pavement the previous night. I found several of them in the same spot. Most of them were curled up against the cold. I went to each of them and spread a blanket or quilt to cover them. They all looked at me in disbelief and one lady kept hugging the warm blanket saying over and over how the blanket was so soft and warm.

The smiles and look of joy on their faces was the best Christmas gift I received. I have done this every Christmas eve since then and I have been filled with warm happy feeling to bring some warmth to these homeless people
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Mish wrote: Totally fabulous!! What a wonderful thing to do for them. Bless you. 💖
Brad2 wrote: That's awesome...
mindyjourney wrote: brings me a huggy feeling of warmth, my friend <3. Thank you!
RoseMarie wrote: I so love you for this. I think this is a great Christmas eve experience. X 💓 I will try to do this next year too. X 💓 bless you.
kjoyw wrote: Lovely, heart warming story!
horsegirl21 wrote: Wonderful of you! Thank you.
splain wrote: beautiful and caring that makes such a difference to their lives.
scushman wrote: lovely, 🙇 Namaste 🙏📿∞🌍💕☪✝✡☯☮☸💕
Novice50 wrote: Beautiful warmth, beautiful compassion, beautiful soul. Thank you
leoladyc728 wrote: so giving of you. I know they really appreciated your kindness.

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