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The Kindness Wave and the Hopeful Tears

--by RoseMarie, posted Aug 6, 2016
I want to share my tears with you. Now I know we've been here before with my pain and you have all given me love and support but today it's different. You see, as I sit and type this, this morning tears are running down my face, my nose is running and my heart is very active. All of this is good though. Let me explain. 

My tears today are activated by joy, love, inspiration so many other positive emotions. I have been reading inspirational stories. Stories that have had a big pull on my heart. These include the latest stories I will share briefly with you:

The police department who responded to an 80+  elderly man  who asked if someone would bring him food as he hadn't eaten in 2 days because his care-worker had scammed him out of his money.  4 or 5 policemen bought him grocery supplies out of their own pocket and dealt with the care worker.

The story of the 6 years old with a facial birthmark is getting fed up with people asking him what it is. He was in the cloakroom in kindergarten when another little boy commented on it and told him his birthmark was cool. He then asked if the little boy got upset when people commented and when he was told yes, he said 'stand up for yourself'. When the inspirational little boy went home he told his mum he met a new friend with blonde hair, no mention of the birthmark. They are now inseparable buddies.

The fire department who came to the rescue of a distressed deer which had got trapped at the edge of a garden behind large stone boulders. They calmed the deer and set it free.
The policeman who was a good sport and spontaneously joined in the children's outdoor swimming fun by doing 'cannonball'  jumps from the diving board in full  uniform (don't worry his colleagues were there to protect law and order if necessary).

The people who put wet blankets around the beached whale and hosed it down staying with it for about 5 hours until the tide came in allowing it to gain its freedom again.

The man who got a banner made to celebrate his 10th Wedding Anniversary and got a local young choir to sing 'I love you just the way you are' to his quadriplegic wife while she sat in her wheelchair in the town centre.

The man who gave the homeless man a job and helped him gain his self-esteem.

The little girl who saved her pocket money to buy religious medals which she gave out to policemen when she saw them, to keep them safe.

The homeless man who instantly returned a dropped wallet when he could really have been doing something else with the money.

The homeless man who entered a diner and ordered a cola. The waitress asked if he wanted anything else and he said no he only had the money for the cola and a $1 tip for her. He couldn't afford to eat but made sure he still had a tip for her!! Overhearing this a young boy, sat beside the man and told him he would buy him anything he wanted. The waitress offered this too.

The child who brought all his loose change and asked for an ice cream. He was short but the young student serving paid for it out of his own pocket without hesitation. As he left, the little boy gave the server a crumpled note thanking him for what he did with a $100 bill inside the note.

These stories are more typical than we might think.

Spontaneous kindness is all around us but those who do it do it out of total altruism hence the lack of broadcast. People do have good hearts. People do love to help and serve others, it is innate. People do appreciate when others go the extra mile for them. We need to get swept along the crest of the kindness wave and increase this momentum even though there are those who for whatever reason, taint the goodness of society as a whole.

I know you will understand my tears today my friends because I know like me, not only do you too have a big heart and love to hear about our kindness and humanity to others but you have cried the same tears. 
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Readers Comments

sandi wrote: Wonderful stories. My heart is open!
patjos wrote: Thanks for sharing those stories rosemarie, we are indeed the new living media! Have a wonderfully blessed day.
Novice50 wrote: Rosemarie, your stories always go right to the heart of things. Thanks for sharing these examples of kindness alive in this world. Thanks for being in this space and for being you.
Khaleesi wrote: "spontaneous kindness is all around us but those who do it do it out of total altruism hence the lack of broadcast. People do have good hearts. " i definitely loved this part. Everybody indeed can be part of this kindness wave, the good in each of us still lives and is just waiting to glow within us. This really touched my heart, i hope everybody else share such wonderful stories.
Virginia wrote: Thanks for sharing and reminding all of us to not only practice kindness but to recognize and broadcast when we see it in action. Just last evening i was taking a walk and a young man on a bike had his small dog running with him. I bent down to pet the dog when it came up to me and smiled as they took off. A few moments later, they were back and the man stopped his bike and encouraged his dog to come over to me. He must have sensed my liking of dogs. On top of that, he handed me a goodie to give his dog. A simple act. I smiled for quite a while.
newdayvow wrote: Passing on the stories and the tears
splain wrote: Such a beautiful post "Rosemarie". There is so much good in the world and we forget that when we read about the terrible things. This post gives hope and a belief that the world is still a beautiful place
mnc_91 wrote: Kindness overload :-)
horsegirl21 wrote: there definitely is still good in the world :) thanks for the reminder
mindyjourney wrote: This is the news that is true and good <3 and the more we focus on the more we receive of the same :))). Tx for sharing your beautiful happy tears with us and the good news! :))

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