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To Africa, "With Love"

--by sirlancalot, posted Mar 8, 2009

I'm in Africa right now on a peace-keeping mission with the Army. This is my 5th deployment and I volunteered for every one of them (sort of). Anyway, this story is not about me or the army or even Africa for that matter. It's about the way people can become karma aides even when they are in need of it themselves.  

I subscribed to this online program for soldiers, where we put our addresses on the website and random people write to us and send care packages and thank you letters. I got one the other day that was a letter from a lady living in Pennsylvania.  She was thanking us for all we do and telling us how much she prays for the troops. This lady is originally from Russia, married an American soldier and moved to Pennsylvania. She explained all of this in her letter.

I was moved by the compassion and the thoughtfulness of her words.  The letter went on to explain that she lives with her husband's family. I was knocked over when she told us her husband died a month ago and he was heavily into supporting the troops through this program when he retired from the military. She said his family became her family and they didn't want her to go back to Russia. She wrote that she will continue what her husband started because it was her way of honoring him and his memory.

I wrote her back a poem (ask and I will share it with you) and told her that her words were more than thanks enough to us. I thanked her instead and that was from Africa, with love. Funny how people who are in need of good karma still manage to give some away.

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myfbil wrote: Thank you for sharing this story, and for serving your country! I have two grandsons in iraq and know what a sacrifice it is. Stay safe!
gail wrote: I will think of you every day and stay safe and lots of love and hugs remember there r people who care and think of you x
Deb wrote: Thanks for this. I'd like to include it on my blog since i have a link there for people to send emails to canadian peacekeepers. Thanks for all that you're doing!
Rosa wrote: I am a missionary to kenya (retired nurse) i am going on my 4th missio trip april 3-20 this year. Please send me the poem.
tyedyelove wrote: As a navy wife, i have a deep appreciation for the military. Therefore, i have a special appreciation for this note. What a fantastic story. I would love to hear your poem.

And, by the way, i applaud your giving of yourself in time and body, to help in africa. Many blessings towards you. And many prayers, as well.
littleredhen wrote: Thanks for sharing your story! Good luck and be safe!
sheila wrote: Hello, this was a very sincer moving letter. If everyone in the world would stop for 5 minutes and just look around , smell the air , feel the sunshine on their faces , maybe some would forget there anger or hatred, share what you know or what you have , weather its food a helping hand or a simply smile to the one that stands beside you. Some where along the the way people have forgotten the goodness , compassion ,. If only the world would stop for 5 minutes and breath. Just maybe something good would come out of it all.
irongrace wrote: That was very inspiring please post your poem.
happytogive wrote: Thank you for your service and choosing to continue to serve. Priceless!
Kaushik wrote: Thank you for sharing your story. Just goes on to show that there are so many wonderful people in this world. Please do e-mail me your poem. If i like it, then i would like to share it with other like-minded friends.

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