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To Africa, "With Love"

I'm in Africa right now on a peace-keeping mission with the Army. This is my 5th deployment and I volunteered for every one of them (sort of). Anyway, this story is not about me or the army or even Africa for that matter. It's about the way people can become karma aides even when they are in need of it themselves.   I subscribed to this online program for soldiers, where we put our addresses on the website and random people write to us and send care packages and thank you letters. I got one the other day that was a letter from a lady living in Pennsylvania.  She was thanking us for all we do and telling us how much she prays for the troops. This lady is originally from Russia, married an American soldier and moved to Pennsylvania. She explained all of this in her letter. I was moved by ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Rides

I drive a 97 Ford Expedition, but I live by myself. I am constantly being told how that truck is too much for me and I should get something smaller but the way it came to me was of sheer Karma, I have to keep it. It's been a year now, and that truck has been helpful in so many ways.

The latest was just yesterday, I was on my way to work and passed 8 hispanic men walking along this long narrow road. The nearest structure was at least another 10 minutes by car so I pulled over and offered them a ride. They spoke no english so I used my (rough) spanish to find out that they work 5 blocks from me which was still 15 minutes away by car. I took them to their job, and went on with my day. Just thought I could share that with this site.

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Just Listening Can Really Help

Have you ever felt so down and out that you don't think you can help others? How amazing is it when you end up helping anyway. In the army, we have to take what is called a "P.T." test every six months to test our physical endurance. It's in three sections: push-ups, sit-ups, and a two-mile run. After the test it is business as usual. On the day I took it, I failed miserably and felt really down about it. I was so hard on myself that morning that I didn't want to eat or talk to anyone, I just wanted to go back to my room and sulk. Funny how things never work and it's amazing how when we are at our lowest, we can still be a conduit for good karma. As I was approaching my room another soldier was leaving to go participate in the regular P.T training (practice ... Read Full Story >>

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Simple acts of kindness

I work at a school, and one of the teachers volunteered to paint the playground early in the morning. She didn't expect to be out there all by herself. I took a cold soda and walked it outside over to her and gave her the drink with one of the smile cards. She told me later that it made her day.

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