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I Love Gratitude

--by RoseMarie, posted Aug 23, 2016

Yesterday I donated some unwanted items to Habitat for Humanity where the items will be restored and sold. As I was carrying the items downstairs I thought about when I was a child. Roll back 50 years..

I grew up in a very poor area. We lived in a terraced house, two bedrooms and 8 children, yes no typos, 2 bedrooms and 8 children, 9 years between the youngest and the eldest. The dining room was converted into a bedroom. Still they were cramped conditions but we knew no different. Money was scarce and my mum never was in a position to donate to charity, we lived in survival mode. One pair of shoes each and in fact I vividly remember going to Mass and not wanting to kneel down for Communion because there were holes in my shoes. I was no different from the rest of my family in that regard though. My father was a painter and decorator and worked really hard so he was doing the best for his family. We were never without food and we were never cold.

Despite our poverty and yes I would actually say poverty, I recall looking out of my bedroom window into the entry. An elderly lady was walking up the entry to go to the shops. As she passed our house, she stopped. An old kitchen mat which we had discarded caught her eye. She started rummaging through our bin. The bin of poor people. She was pleased with her find, removed the kitchen mat from the bin and made her way back home with it.

As a child this totally astounded me. I knew we were a working class family living in a very working class area but I never believed someone else would want what we discarded.

So, why am I telling your this my dear friends? Is it to evoke sympathy? No. Is it to tell you that I am very materially secure now? No.

The reason I am sharing this with you my friends is that it is a huge reminder that  no matter how  poor we appear to be, there will be many who are worse off. These people don't have to live in Third World countries. They don't have to be homeless. Something to always remember. Something that should be and always will be high on my Gratitude List.

Gratitude, I love you.

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Readers Comments

Mitalichawla wrote: whoa well said.. :) i got it. ♡
Mish wrote: I count my blessings every day and say "grateful" to the Universe for each one. There but for the grace .........
mdeese_99 wrote: Wonderful reminder and a well written post, RoseMarie.
splain wrote: I felt every word of your story. your gratitude for life comes through in all your beautiful posts. This post was very special. I now see where that beautiful , grateful part of you comes from. And it is so true that no matter how poor we appear to be there are many so much worse off. a truly lovely , wonderful and insightful post.
alisamom wrote: One man's trash truly is another man's treasure! :) thank you for sharing this with us. When I donate my used clothes (which I buy/am given used already) I frequently think "it's not good enough to donate, it's just for rags". But your story reminded me of some low cost thrift stores I've seen where the clothes were "just rags" IMO, and people still bought them. I will have to donate everything next time even if I don't think it's good enough. Thanks for the lesson :)
katking wrote: I am instructed by your wisdom and ability to share it. thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: Dear rosemarie, is such a dear reflection...and so true. Amazes me so how those with little are so very generous as well <3. always always grateful for each blessing.
AndiCas wrote: Nice reminder RoseMarie. On those days when I've only pennies in my purse, I'm rich for all the other things I have.
debmeron wrote: Wow...what a wonderful reminder...
horsegirl21 wrote: Great post, thank you for sharing it.

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