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Library Dues

--by kiwicat, posted
I was at the library this afternoon. I'm doing some research for my Facebook page and ordered a stack of kindness books online, so I went into the library to pick them up.

A woman was there having a tantrum about her library fine of $5. I walked up to the desk and said, "It's okay, I've got it!" and handed the librarian a $5 note. The woman shouted at both of us that "it's not about the money!!!" So, I said that she sounded like she was upset so I could either pay the fine, or give her the $5 and she could go and buy herself a coffee.

She looked like a popped balloon as her anger levels went down, and half-smiled, and said thanks for paying the fine. I handed the money over to the librarian and the woman apologized. All is well. 

Readers Comments

splain wrote: I don't know why Ally but this made me laugh. I can see it so clearly in my mind. You are a darling. That woman met her match.. Good on you
alisamom wrote: Wow that is just awesome! I'm sure you will stay in her memory for a very long time, she might even change her attitude next time she gets upset!
brindlegirl wrote: Wow! It's official. You are an angel! Sent here from God (and to that library) to love people. Wow 💜
leoladyc728 wrote: I am sure that the librarian was really happy that you were there to stop this woman with kindness. I sometimes feel bad for people that work with the public. People can be so rude and cause such trouble. When I had my store years ago, I had to throw a woman out because she was stretching out all the bikini bottoms I had on display. She just ignored me when I asked her to stop. She also was knocking off things on the wall with no regard.
melnotes wrote: Oh dear was my first thought then as I read on I breathed a sigh of relief as your kindness certainly diffused the situation :) Way to go Kiwicat!!!!
patjos wrote: hahahaha! leolady, that IS funny!!! Sorry, I know it mustn't have been fuinny at the time! :-) It was the image of someone stretching bikini bottoms!
patjos wrote: Kiwicat, I think I can be like that angry lady a lot of the time, using silly things so as to vent my inner anger, glad you helped talk her down.
mindyjourney wrote: And that, my friend, is how we lead by example in creating a better world! Thank you for doing and so creatively too <3. Well done...I'm smiling too :))))).
mish wrote: Good on you!!!!!
janfour wrote: when i work at the library, i usually know that someone's venting over a small fine really isn't about the fee. we have the power to forgive fines (up to a point) and i think it helps people know that we take them seriously. really, we mostly just want the books & materials back for others to use. good for you showing another kind-hearted solution!!!!!!

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