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Library Dues

--by kiwicat, posted
I was at the library this afternoon. I'm doing some research for my Facebook page and ordered a stack of kindness books online, so I went into the library to pick them up.

A woman was there having a tantrum about her library fine of $5. I walked up to the desk and said, "It's okay, I've got it!" and handed the librarian a $5 note. The woman shouted at both of us that "it's not about the money!!!" So, I said that she sounded like she was upset so I could either pay the fine, or give her the $5 and she could go and buy herself a coffee.

She looked like a popped balloon as her anger levels went down, and half-smiled, and said thanks for paying the fine. I handed the money over to the librarian and the woman apologized. All is well. 

Readers Comments

Noon wrote: Trust
Oh we've got to trust
One another again
In some essentials.

Not the narrow little
Bargaining trust
That says: i'm for you
If you'll be for me. -

But a bigger trust,
A trust of the sun
That does not bother
About moth and rust,
And we see it shining
In one another.

Oh don't you trust me,
Don't burden me
With your life and affairs; don't
Thrust me
Into your cares.

But i think you may trust
The sun in me
That glows with just
As much glow as you see
In me, and no more.

But if it warms
Your heart's quick core
Why then trust it, it forms
One faithfulness more.

And be, oh be
A sun to me,
Not a weary, insistent

But a sun that shines
And goes dark, but shines
Again and entwines
With the sunshine in me

Till we both of us
Are more glorious
And more sunny
splain wrote: I don't know why Ally but this made me laugh. I can see it so clearly in my mind. You are a darling. That woman met her match.. Good on you
alisamom wrote: Wow that is just awesome! I'm sure you will stay in her memory for a very long time, she might even change her attitude next time she gets upset!
brindlegirl wrote: Wow! It's official. You are an angel! Sent here from God (and to that library) to love people. Wow 💜
leoladyc728 wrote: I am sure that the librarian was really happy that you were there to stop this woman with kindness. I sometimes feel bad for people that work with the public. People can be so rude and cause such trouble. When I had my store years ago, I had to throw a woman out because she was stretching out all the bikini bottoms I had on display. She just ignored me when I asked her to stop. She also was knocking off things on the wall with no regard.
melnotes wrote: Oh dear was my first thought then as I read on I breathed a sigh of relief as your kindness certainly diffused the situation :) Way to go Kiwicat!!!!
patjos wrote: hahahaha! leolady, that IS funny!!! Sorry, I know it mustn't have been fuinny at the time! :-) It was the image of someone stretching bikini bottoms!
patjos wrote: Kiwicat, I think I can be like that angry lady a lot of the time, using silly things so as to vent my inner anger, glad you helped talk her down.
mindyjourney wrote: And that, my friend, is how we lead by example in creating a better world! Thank you for doing and so creatively too <3. Well done...I'm smiling too :))))).
mish wrote: Good on you!!!!!

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