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My Kindness Deed Transformed My Impatience

--by kiwicat, posted Sep 29, 2016
I picked my son up from the airport and was waiting in line to pay for my parking at a self service kiosk. The young man in front of me gasped when he saw he had to pay $15 and was using a 'coin only' machine. He started fumbling around for cash.

I'm not patient at the best of times and standing in the freezing cold wind was not improving my patience. He then realized he was going to be some time, so he took his parking ticket out of the machine so that I could use it. I thanked him and paid for my parking.

I asked him how much he was short on his parking money. He looked at the coins in his hand and said $2. So I gave him $2 and he thanked me. I commented that it was my good deed for the day. Anyway, I have my eldest son here for two days and he's food for my soul!
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gregacuna wrote: Beautiful to find the kindness after the impatience.
lindariebel wrote: I can relate to your impatience and will remember this scene next time i am impatient.
DANCE wrote: kindness both ways it turned out to be
mindyjourney wrote: small price for soul-food :))). tx for your kindness even under such a cold wind!
Mish wrote: Enjoy the feast :))) ❤️
balou wrote: Wonderful kindness, you most certainly helped this man! Enjoy the time with your son!
gardengal10 wrote: Small act, big response. Hurrah for time with your son.
leoladyc728 wrote: great help you were. Enjoy the time with your son
AndiCas wrote: Nice, all round nice (other than the freezing)
RoseMarie wrote: Glad to hear you have your son with you kiwi. Enjoy. X 💓

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