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The Elderly Can Be Proud But Lonely

--by RoseMarie, posted Sep 30, 2016

My niece is in her first year teaching in Liverpool. She lives in a block of flats and was telling us about a 94 year old woman who lives in the flats. This frail lady is called Valerie and Linsey got to know her. Linsey and her flatmate called to see Valerie and Valerie had even made them dinner. The sad thing though is perhaps the loneliness of Valerie. My niece has said Valerie sends her letters and cards even though they live in the same building. Makes you think doesn't it? We really need to tune in more to the elderly who need social interaction above and beyond sending mail to those who live in the same building as them.

It made me think of Charlotte, I've mentioned her before in posts. Last time I met Charlotte I dropped her off at her supported living facility. She brought me in and told me that I now know where she lives. I really must take her up on this. When I went into her flat it was immaculate, puts me to shame. She showed me everywhere including her bathroom. She told me I can get a pad like this when I'm 55, I replied that was in October and she couldn't believe it!

I thought Charlotte was just being friendly when she said I could visit.  I would never have wanted to impose but I now see this differently. I must visit her soon. She trusts me as I have been giving her a lift now and again. I think Charlotte is overdue a big bunch of flowers and a visit,  do you know someone like  Valerie or Charlotte?  ðŸŒ¹ 🌹 🌹

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balou wrote: Wonderful of your niece to be friendly to her ... and I agree with you, we need to look out for the elderly. And just great that you plan to visit Charlotte! I enjoyed your stories about her!
mindyjourney wrote: Yes, to reach out to another, especially the elderly, is a gift to both :)). I have adoped mom/friend "Esther" who I make a priortity to include when I can :)). thank you for the thoughtful post and hello to Charlotte!
DANCE wrote: oh, do go and see her, she'll be so happy
Mish wrote: We have a "Valentine/Charlotte" living on our block :)). Swapped letters for years and years. Sometimes hers were 8 pages long! She's close to 80 I'd say. Lives alone w/her little dog. Goes out you the stores every day...very independent.
leoladyc728 wrote: I think there is a Valerie/Charlotte no matter where one lives.
savraj wrote: So beautiful. Thankyou for this. Your neice prompted you to think of Charlotte and that is so wonderful. It's wonderful to see youth showing kindness and feeling empathy towards our beautiful elderly population.

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