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The Young Girl's 'Guardian Angel' Travel Companion

--by youandme, posted Oct 14, 2016
"Are you going to Seattle?" an anxious-looking woman asked a female traveler at the Amtrak station in Sacramento. "No, I'm going to Eugene", the traveler replied. "Oh, I was hoping you could watch out for my daughter, she's never been on a train before." 

Now, seasoned train traveler that I am, I know that seats and cars are assigned by destination, so I approached the woman and her frightened-looking daughter and told them that her daughter could sit with me and that I would take care of her for the duration of the journey.

The train had arrived, 25 minutes late, and people rushed to get their seat assignments. The conductor wanted to know if there were people traveling together, so I pushed to the front of the line with the girl and we got seats next to each other. Once on board, I showed her where to put her luggage, and took her to the bathroom area. We settled down to sleep. In the morning, I showed her the cafe car and bought her a drink. She became comfortable enough to do what most 15-year-olds do: talk and text on her mobile phone.

Throughout the trip, I made sure she picked up her ID, which had fallen out of her backpack, some money, which had fallen into the crack of the reclined seat, and generally kept tabs on her in a non-intrusive way. I hope someone takes her under their wing when she flies (another anxiety-producing first) back to Sacramento.
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RoseMarie wrote: Thank you, as a mother i would love you eternally for this kindness and protecting my daughter. I have no doubt the mother was so grateful to you. X
Marcos wrote: She may remember that kindness for a very long time. Hope she will pass it along.
Jerri Fairy wrote: Yyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! This is what we do! The true angels on planet earth! Ring may you feel this power within you and keep on sharing it with the world! Being the change we all wish to seee!
On amour mucho!
Lawrence D. wrote: Thanks for your kind deed.
leoladyc728 wrote: so nice of you to watch out for her.
splain wrote: Well you put her mother's mind at rest. So nice of you to to this.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you! Journeying presents so many wonderful opportunties for kindness <3. You were her guardian angel...envisioning someone being as helpful on her return. Safe travel to you as well, my friend.
debmeron wrote: What a kindness...
Alisamom wrote: You did a wonderful thing for both the mom ands the daughter.
mish wrote: You were "Heaven sent"! Bless.

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