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The Shirt Off My Back

Today I had the thrill of giving someone the shirt off my back!  For the past four days I have been participating in a disability arts festival as a member of a choir set up specifically to perform at this festival. Yesterday, after our performance, I was feeling a bit sad thinking that this might be the last time I would sing with this amazing group of people.  I was putting on an oversize, custom-made, raw silk shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons that I have been enjoying wearing when it occurred to me to give the shirt to the first person who said they liked it.  After our performance, as choir members were winding down and changing, the director of the procession said she loved my shirt. So, I happily took if off and gave it to her. She immediately put it on, saying, "Can I give you some money for it?" and "Why ... Read Full Story >>

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The Young Girl's 'Guardian Angel' Travel Companion

"Are you going to Seattle?" an anxious-looking woman asked a female traveler at the Amtrak station in Sacramento. "No, I'm going to Eugene", the traveler replied. "Oh, I was hoping you could watch out for my daughter, she's never been on a train before."  Now, seasoned train traveler that I am, I know that seats and cars are assigned by destination, so I approached the woman and her frightened-looking daughter and told them that her daughter could sit with me and that I would take care of her for the duration of the journey. The train had arrived, 25 minutes late, and people rushed to get their seat assignments. The conductor wanted to know if there were people traveling together, so I pushed to the front of the line with the girl and we got seats next to each other. Once on board, I showed her where to put her luggage, and ... Read Full Story >>

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Paying-it-foward at Physiotherapy

I've recently been going to a physiotherapist to help recover full range of motion in an arm that has been in a cast for a month. As I was waiting to register for my second appointment, I couldn't help overhear the conversation with the patient checking out before me. She was on disability, so most of the cost of her sessions were covered, except for $15 co-pays. The woman at the checkout desk asked if she would like to make her next appointment, but the patient said she couldn't do so until she had found a way to get the money. "I'll have to ask my daughter," she said, before walking away. After my session, I paid for the woman's next appointment.

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Recycling Moving Boxes

About two weeks ago, one of my neighbors moved out of an apartment in my building.

In her wake, she left miscellaneous items she didn't want to take, first in the entrance to the building, then out on the sidewalk. (Perhaps someone else in the building moved the items to the sidewalk...) She also left an enormous pile of heavy cardboard boxes, un-flattened and un-tied, next to the recycling bins.

Predictably, the sanitation workers did NOT pick up the boxes. And the cleaning person for the building, who comes twice a week, did not take care of the boxes, either. So, they have been sitting out by the recycling bins, getting wet in the rain.

This afternoon, I flattened and recycled half the boxes. Will have to wait until the bin is empty to get the rest done. 

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Tender Tomatoes

Helped our local, urban farmers to process tomatoes into pasta sauce for their winter pantry box.

Small, organic farmers work so hard - preparing the ground, starting seedlings, planting, weeding, harvesting, delivering, processing - that most have a hard time surviving.

I help out whenever I can during harvest season, so that they can add value to the produce at their peak and not have it all spoil because they don't have the human power to handle everything themselves.

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Dinner And Jam

I took dinner to a friend who has had a lot of illness that neither her allopathic or naturopathic doctors have been able to diagnose.

I try and visit her once a week, since she is unable to leave the house much, and give her encouragement to try making things at home that she can do when she has the energy.

She was so happy to share two jars of jam that she'd made, having finally gotten over the fear of canning. She'd only made very small batches of the jams, so I know she was sharing her love when she gave me the jam. #21KindActs

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A Cloth Bag

Day 10. I have a beautiful cloth bag that I carry around with me everywhere. It was made in India, from scraps from an employment generation program led by a fashion designer who has set up an organization to shelter and help women who have escaped domestic violence.

The cloth is a cream-colored crepe de chine, printed with pink and purple flowers. I have other collapsible bags that I also carry, but this one was special - a one-of-a-kind.

While taking a walk, I stopped in a grocery store I had never been to before, to get a lemon. I ended up picking up one other item, and as I was putting the two items into my cloth bag, the cashier, Shari, remarked how beautiful the bag was. She pointed out how unusual that such a beautiful piece of cloth would have been used to make a bag. Well, what could I do but take my purchases out of the bag and gift Shari the bag? She was so excited that after asking "Why would you do this?" she immediately went around to the other cashiers to show them the bag. #21KindActs

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