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Baby Ezra, The Christening and The Kind Tailor

--by RoseMarie, posted Sep 16, 2016
This is baby Ezra. He is getting christened on Sunday. I know he will look beautiful on the day but he won't be the only well turned out guy in the family. His great grandfather is in a nursing home and has Alzheimers. Grandad is getting out to attend the church christening.

Nanny has ordered him a new suit. Even though grandad will only be at the church service his loyal wife who is 88 years of age insists he is well groomed. She has got a tailor to come to the nursing home and measure grandad, he will be suited and booted, no stone unturned.

Today she told me that the tailor called. Being in the nursing home and seeing the patients left a lasting impression on him. He has only charged my mother in law 50% of the full cost, what a kind man. He also told her she was a credit to herself, something I fully endorse. He has left his shop number with her and if ever she needs a lift to the nursing home, she is to telephone his shop and a member of staff will take her. What a kind man! He is so touched by what he sees in the nursing home that he is making a donation to it.

Ezra may be the man of the moment at  his christening but his great grandfather will give him a run for his money. 
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lindariebel wrote: Hurray for the tailor.
balou wrote: Wow, what a kindness! And wonderful that your Mother in Law is ordering him a new suit! Once again a story for Kindness coming right back at the gver :-)) Wishing all the best for Ezras christening!
KraftKindness wrote: I am walking in the Alzheimer's Walk in my city for the 2nd year this November... my grandmother had Alzheimer's and my mother and I were her sole caretakers for 8 years before she passed away. I walk for her.. and this Nov 5, I will also walk for your Dapper Granda as well :)
splain wrote: Everything about your post is just so lovely. What a bunch of beautiful people. You MIL,Granda, the lovey man making the suit, baby Ezra and of course you :)))))
Mish wrote: This is so beautiful . Bless them all 💕💕💕
kjoyw wrote: Precious wee babe! The Christening should be really special.
horsegirl21 wrote: what a kind man the tailor is, so nice that grandad can attend the christening :)
mindyjourney wrote: Look at that dear Ezra! Already bringing so many together with kindness :))).
savraj wrote: Beautiful day of blessings.
leoladyc728 wrote: he is precious

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