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Officer 054, of Coweta County

--by RoseMarie, posted Oct 22, 2016
I read this story online yesterday. A police force lost one of their colleagues to cancer. They were having a memorial to him and a kind person in the station thought her colleagues would find it a tough day after the service.

She decided to buy in personalized doughnuts for those in the station and get them delivered. She got them iced in blue and the policeman's id no 054 written in black. What a thoughtful person to do this.

When the order was taken by her local Publix,  the  member of staff said there was no charge, they were on the house.

Kindness begets kindness my friends. X

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123ABCD wrote: So thoughtful. Thanks for sharing this :)
kmbhai wrote: yes, great.
kjoyw wrote: Great story.
debmeron wrote: kindness begets kindness... for sure...
Mish wrote: Warms the heart ❤️
loispoet wrote: Good story, thanks for sharing
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness sure does ripple out, in soooo many ways! tx for sharing the story with us.
splain wrote: Makes you feel such faith in people. Lovely
suse15 wrote: How sweet and thoughtful.
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful story

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