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The Reaction Of Her Son After He Learns About Generosity

--by 1sher, posted Dec 3, 2016
Started to teach our son about money, as we never much talked about it growing up and I suppose that is a reason for some difficulties in the past. So we each have 3 jars to divide our money into and one jar is for giving/charity. A lot of you have probably seen/done this with kids-

Well, my son was weighing the jar for play (no restrictions on what you can buy) money a little heavier than the others, but he did collect a few dollars for charity eventually. So we picked the Center for Domestic Peace, a local resource for mostly women and children setting up again after domestic violence as our first receiver

And although I couldn't explain too graphically why these people from every walk of life, who were not necessarily "poor" (another word we are learning about) they could use the help with setting up new apartments.

We pooled our giving jars and the receptionist made the receipt out to my son, who on the way home asked if we could give to them again!
I have enjoyed this feeling all week!
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Karen wrote: Nice job mom
joanellenhoo wrote: Such a nice story, seems like giving made an impact on your son.
RoseMarie wrote: I love this, great teach for your son x 💓 Rose-Marie
debmeron wrote: what wonderful lessons you are teaching
Mish wrote: How beautiful a learn for your son & kindness for others! You are doing a great parenting job. Bless.
AndiCas wrote: Fabulous lesson. So really nice to read this.
mindyjourney wrote: What a great way to encourage giving, my friend :))). Thank you!
leoladyc728 wrote: So wonderful how you are teaching your son about giving to others. Beautiful lesson. I wish more parents would do this.
kjoyw wrote: Beautiful way to teach this!
DANCE wrote: so good to teach kindness and generosity

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