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--by RoseMarie, posted Nov 10, 2016
Today I was in the centre of town after my physiotherapy. The college I work in is in the town centre so I was sure I would see some students whilst hobbling about on my crutches. A few yards away I saw a young woman approaching me with concern written all over her face. She started to talk to me and asked me what had happened to cause me to be on crutches. I didn't recognize her but knew I should, she sure knew me. She continued to talk and I continued to 'wing it' while I scanned the old grey matter seeing if I could work out who she was. Then eventually it dawned on me, it was Jamie-Lee.

Jamie-Lee was a student in my IT class many years ago. She was only about 17 years of age and had a child. One of the first days in my class I caught her doing something she should not have been doing during class. Upon checking her computer screen I found that Jamie-Lee was writing to the Housing Executive (social housing) to get a home for she and her little son. She knew she shouldn't have been doing this in class bur she didn't know what I was like. I sat beside her and helped her write the letter, we were a team. I enquired about her family, she was sharing a room with her little 8 year old sister who was complaining about the little baby crying. I thought it was tough for such a young girl to be in such a situation. Jamie-Lee kept me updated about progress with the Housing Executive. She was only given one key to the house she was given and she was too naive to realize to get another cut just in case.  I gave her the money to get another key cut and advised her to leave it in her parents'  or grandparents' house.

Jamie-Lee moved into her house. I bought a few things for her and then spoke to a Christian man whose organization has many samples. Between us we got Jamie-Lee a dinner service, cutlery , Hoover, towels, iron , ironing board, mop and bucket, basically anything that she could use and we could get our hands on. Jamie-Lee soon settled.

One day Jamie-Lee came to speak privately with me. Her ex and father of her son, got in a fight and killed another man. She had to flee from her home in the middle of the night as people were looking revenge and wanted to harm her little baby!

Jamie-Lee was a great student and a great mother. Soon after she left college and met a good guy. He just loved her to bits, I got to meet him. She went to university and got her degree in Business Studies.

All this has flashed back to me after working out who this student who spoke to me today was. She now has three sons and is waiting until her 3 year old  baby goes to school before she steps into a career.

Jamie-Lee's story is a story of strength and courage. I have great admiration for her, she had things tough, in fact, really tough but she persevered. It also touches me deeply that after all these years she still recognized me in an instant and was concerned for my welfare. Guess it's because I haven't aged a day since we last met. (Laughs).
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Rajni wrote: Life is not a straight line. Jamie-Lee is an inspiration to many. May people learn life lesson from her life.
RoseMarie wrote: The christian man was you, philip. I was always so grateful that you helped me help jamie-lee. You are a good man and, a great brother in law. Love you lots x 💓
trooper2 wrote: Well done, rosemarie, thanks for stepping up to the challenge of getting this young lady set up for house keeping. Smiles 4 the miles
healingtree wrote: Rose marie, what a warming story, showing all sorts of levels of kindness and compassion. I am so grateful that you did this. Of course she can't forget you! For her you were an angel.
pyronik wrote: wow, what an influence you were & for her to remember you. I bet that made your day :-)
1sher wrote: What an incredible ripple!
DANCE wrote: what a beautiful story
kjoyw wrote: Lovely ripples of kindness.
Mish wrote: I am sure you have impacted so many of your students in so many important ways. A good teacher who truly gives from the heart molds lives. Bless you, RoseMarie
savraj wrote: Bless you for being such an angel for this woman!

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