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The Elderly Man Who Brightened My Morning

--by DANCE, posted Nov 12, 2016
This morning I woke up a little bit worried-lots going on and many decisions to make. I decided to go for a walk and try to relax. When this happens I keep repeating to myself "don't stop being kind", others may have worse battles to fight. I already felt better when walking in the park enjoying the beautiful trees and the smiles and good mornings to and from strangers. I decided to go shopping on my way back.

After paying I sat down for a while and got a coffee that the supermarket offers as a promotion. An elderly man sat next to me and started talking very loud. I noticed straight away that he had hearing aids in both ears. He had a coffee too. I tried responding but I realized he could not understand anything. I stayed anyway and he told me about his difficulties to hear, his son who works in the supermarket and that he was at the ripe age of 89!. He went on to share how he has his coffee there and is happy to still be able to do the shopping on his own, etc. etc.

He said he liked talking to people and he apologized many times for 'boring' me with his talk. I told him it was lovely talking to him and after a while said good bye, shook his hand and wished him a good day. He was so happy and grateful. He thanked me many times and the last thing he said was "thank you for listening". Key words I thought, that was the whole point, I just stayed and listened.

He needed it, we all need it, just someone to listen. I was very happy and grateful too. My morning had turned into a very special one because of him.
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Readers Comments

SmileSharer wrote: The greatest gift you can give a person sometimes is simply your presence. Kudos to you for doing exactly that.
AndiCas wrote: I really enjoyed this story Dance, how a simple kindness improved your day as well as his. And such an easy kindness, something any of us could do. Thankyou.
Mish wrote: Being kind is such a great remedy for both us & the person receiving. Your kindness mindfulness is wonderful, Dance. Well done!
mindyjourney wrote: In being kind you found the key to helping self too :)). Thank you for listening with such a compassionate ear <3.
Lilijourney wrote: The gift of being fully present with your presence 💞
lt33 wrote: Yes sometimes people just want to be heard and know someone cares 😘
leoladyc728 wrote: being there for someone else, always helps to improve our moods
RoseMarie wrote: What a great kindness, you validated this man even if yiu could hear him because he knew you listenedo with intent. X Well done Dance x
kjoyw wrote: Kindness is always the way and it always touches the hand that gives it, as well!

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