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Delving into Difficulty

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 21, 2016
The head librarian seemed sort of distracted and as we talked, it became apparent that she was grieving for her mother that had recently transitioned.

I stopped the setting out of materials and my busyness in getting our coloring meet organized to stop and listen: to really open my heart and hear the pain and love that she was willing to share.

Although her mother had been in hospice, still that final farewell (from this physical existence) is always a challenge.

We hugged for a good while.

Remember to take the time, my friends, to delve into those "difficult" parts when someone needs to share, is a privilege, their confidence.

Sending blessings of comfort and strength for all those facing such recent challenges.

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michelelpurcel wrote: That is wonderful that you took the time to listen. Sometimes that is all that is needed but you were aware and made it happen. Thanks for making the world a nicer place. :)
Virginia wrote: Stopping for something far more important - genuine caring. Well done. We all need to remember to continue to reach out to those who have had a loss, it still hurts for a while after.
kala wrote: Bless you for taking the time to listen to someone in need of a kind and loving heart.
kjoyw wrote: You personify kindness!
RoseMarie wrote: Thank you for your time and tenderness to the librarian, yo
brindlegirl wrote: Yes. Take time and offer our open hearts and presence ❤
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for being there for the librarian. She is going through a rough time now and needed someone to be there for her.
AnnC wrote: You gave her the greatest gift -- that of genuine caring and presence.
kmbhai wrote: Blessings from us for that tough challenges .

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