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The Angel And The Taxi Driver

--by RoseMarie, posted Dec 8, 2016

I bought 2 scented sachets of Warm Cinnamon spice today. Last time I was in the shop which sells these I gave one to the male member of staff who put a £1 coin in my trolley because I was struggling with my crutches. He was really pleased.

Today I bought a sachet for myself but I felt pressed to buy an extra sachet. My taxi arrived and the driver put my shopping in the boot and was really lovely with small talk.

A song came on the radio and he sang away to it. It was Stevie Nicks (from Fleetwood Mac). He then told me about 20 years ago he took a '"Will you marry me Stevie? " banner to her concert. He says the band were pointing to it and laughing during the performance. I asked if she refused him because she didn't want to live in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, he affirmed this was the case and we laughed.

When we arrived at my house he asked if I would be able to get the 4 bags of shopping out of the boot myself. (Don't forget I'm on crutches). Of course I took the bait and with my stubborn independent streak I confirmed that I could manage. He was teasing though. He brought the shopping up to the door.

As he got back into the car something told me to gift the extra Warm Cinnamon Spice sachet to him. By this stage he was already back in his car. He rolled down the window. I told him I wasn't Stevie Nicks but here's a gift that will make him smell fragrant. He laughed and laughed and told me I was an angel.

This was a lovely fun,  innocent and warm  interchange. He's not smelling roses but in the Christmas season it's much better to smell  Warm Cinnamon Spice, as for me, I would rather be an angel than Stevie Nicks . Although I'm sure she's lovely.

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paulak wrote: What a nice story, and i have been to lisburn, northern ireland and loved it. A pen pal who became a good friend lived there.
patjos wrote: Wow, I love this Rose Marie, I have just read a quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach which goes "I am what I am and what I am is wonderful" but for you, 'Angel' it would be more fitting to have a Fleetwood Mac quote instead "Sweet, wonderful you" which is of course from "You make loving fun!" :)))
Lilijourney wrote: This is my first post yo read on this Thursday. You are truly an angel. Blessings on your lovingkindness in all encounters 💞✨😊💗😊✨
mindyjourney wrote: Warms my heart with the scents of the holidays :))). Beautiful and fun exchange of our deeper connect of being human! Lovely, Rosemarie <3...
michelelpurce wrote: Wonderful story! You probably made his day. :)
lt33 wrote: Taxi drivers and uber drivers have the best stories to tell don't they? Lol great story thanks for sharing + gifting
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!
DANCE wrote: ohhhh loved this story dear! How sweet of both of you
leoladyc728 wrote: what a fantastic exchange you had with this driver. Please, let people help you and don't be so stubborn. lol. There would have been no way you could have handled those bags with the crutches.

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