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In Honor of My Late Husband

--by Peace_spirit, posted Dec 26, 2016
Today was my husbands 2 month memorial and the family came over to help me. We cooked a pot of food to feed 30 random needy souls. Blessings all around.

Each person did some part of the work, fetching the fresh bread from the store, adding a packet of cookies, dishing up, marking the containers, and finally splitting up to cover 3 different areas. These activities helped ease the heartache of my husbands loss a little. The blessings from the recipients of the food was precious, my husband was surely smiling down at us with pride and peace.
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swamiji ananda wrote: God is great and seated in every heart that had some thing to eat bless you god is great. Swamiji
MSFriend wrote: What a beautiful tribute to your husband!
RoseMarie wrote: I have no doubt your husband was surely smiling down on you with pride and peace. X 💓
Novice50 wrote: This is beautiful, thank you for your compassion.
AndiCas wrote: What a wonderful memorial. where the family work together.
mindyjourney wrote: What a beautiful way to honor husband's memory, my friend. Blessings of continued comfort <3.
leoladyc728 wrote: what a lovely tribute to your husband. Thank you for doing this.
mish wrote: Tearfully beautiful. Wonderful tribute for your beloved. Bless ❤️
kjoyw wrote: What a loving tribute to husband. Bless you all for doing such kindness in his memory.

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