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Husband's Act Of Kindness A Week Before Holidays After Losing His Job

--by kiwicat, posted Dec 25, 2016
We have had bad news this week, my husband was made redundant (laid off/no job anymore) from his job on Tuesday. I am thankful we are better off than most, and will be able to stretch our finances until he finds another job.

Amongst all of my stress, trying to stay strong for both of husband gave me $100 cash and said "go on, go out and buy some coffee cards and Subway cards, lets take them to the hospital for the staff, they work hard" My eyes filled with tears, and I was so proud of my husband. I don't often have to say we can't do things because we need the money ourselves, but that was my first thought. He said "we will be okay, we need to look outwards not inwards" what a very special man.
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Annc wrote: That was a beautiful thing to do and a wonderful attitude to have! Sending you warm positive thoughts and energy and hoping your husband finds another job soon.
horsegirl21 wrote: wonderful husband; so very kind to think of others even in his difficult moments.
Mish wrote: You are truly a very specisl couple, Kiwi. All will be well.
RoseMarie wrote: A very special man indeed. I hope he soon finds a another job Ally. X 💓
Rajni wrote: Please don't label it as bad news. It connects to negative energy. Rajni
Made for each other. Nice couple. Almighty God will definitely help your husband with better job. Always think Positively and have 100% FAITH and success is yours. I love reading mainly on Power of Positive thinking and live very happily with it. The following book is the GREAT i have given more than 25 of them so far. You can't remain the same after reading it. But main thing is to bring essence of it in our daily life

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kjoyw wrote: You two are a strong couple. Know this turn of events is unfortunate, but know that all will be well. Envisioning a solution that will be best for all! Will pray for your husband and you.
Lilijourney wrote: Blessings on the journey ahead in finding a wonderful new job ✨😊🙏
Novice50 wrote: Blessings to both of you very special people - I know you will be all right.
leoladyc728 wrote: He is a sweetie. Please give him an extra hug from me. Have faith he will find another job. Blessings to you both
splain wrote: What a beautiful man he is. He is a keeper :)))))

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