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Her Act Of Kindness To Neighboring Town Hit By Typhoon Before Christmas

--by mnc_91, posted Jan 4, 2017
On Christmas, I shopped and prepared enough food and provision for the family and neighbors who would possibly seek refuge in our home due to typhoon Nock-Ten (local name Nina) that hit my parents' home province Albay (Bicol, Philippines).

Thankfully, our family and neighbors were spared by the wrath of the typhoon. But due to damages on electric lines and posts, we still do not have electricity until now. I am now using the internet connection in our branch office in Legazpi City to connect to all of you. After this post, I will be back online in January. So allow me to already greet everyone here a Blessed New Year ahead.

Please also help us pray for fast recovery of those people, families and communities badly hit by the typhoon. Thank you very much, my kind friends :-)
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mnc_91 wrote: Thank you very much everyone for all your concern and prayers.
leoladyc728 wrote: have a blessed 2017.
healingtree wrote: May all people, families and communities badly hit by the typhoon find respite and whatever support they need to have a fast recovery. Prayers and healing thoughts are being lifted for them right now. And thanks to you for sharing and for your open-hearted kindness. May you also enjoy a blessed 2017. Go well and safely. xx
splain wrote: I didn't read about the typhoon. That must have been frightening. No electricity for four days, terrible. I am keeping you , your family and neighbors in my thoughts and prayers. ............Susanna
Mish wrote: Holding you all in prayer, mnc. A blessed 2017 for all.
Lilijourney wrote: Sending 💗 And Prayers
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you and your family for being so helpful. Holding all in thoughts and prayers, my friend. Be safe and a wonderful New Year ahead :)).
Rajni wrote: Thanks for sharing and giving us an opportunity to pray. Our prayers are always with you for your safety and your family.. May God bless you with all that takes to bring you, your family and others affected by Typhoon to normalcy.

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