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Gratitude All Around

--by gardengal10, posted Jan 16, 2017
Yesterday, RoseMarie wrote a lovely post. She wrote of giving a thank-you note with a monetary gift to her daughter's social worker. I would like to add something to this.
Before Christmas I went to the medical group's lab to have some routine tests. When the lab tech saw my doctor's name, she began to gush and wouldn't stop. My internist had gifted all of the lab technicians with gift cards for Christmas. The tech said that in the 20 years that she had worked, no one had ever gifted her before.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when I had a routine visit with my doctor. I shared the story and he indicated that the tech had written HIM a beautiful thank-you note. We talked about small gestures and how meaningful they can be. He said that sometimes even professionals don't know if or how they have an influence on their fellow workers or those that they serve. And, yes, he admitted that a small gift can help to "grease the wheel", but more than that how small acts can show appreciation for daily work.

Thanks for sharing your story, RoseMarie. As for me, two more unsung people who live the KS creed.
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RoseMarie wrote: This is so lovely gardengal, thank you for sharing this with me, I am deeply touched. As for your 2 unsung heroes I will remember them too and step out of the box more often. X 💓
pyronik wrote: I once intercepted a woman who said the technicians were ignoring her, she was preparing to march in & give them hell. I'd advised her to approach more cautiously (she needed them more than they needed her) & ask of they preferred written or emailed requests, & a box of chocolates was always a good way to make that approach. Then I realised I should really take chocolates to my technicians. They laughed & asked what I needed, nope, this time it's a genuine no-strings thank you. But if I do need a favour next week... It made their day & I really hope the other woman took my advice.
mindyjourney wrote: I so love when we glimpse the bigger picture and how we inspire each other :))). Many tx for sharing with us too!
AndiCas wrote: What a lovely story
splain wrote: When we see how an act of kindness and appreciation can just take off in a lot of directions. Great story
Rajni wrote: Chocolates melts hearts too. Thanks for sharing.
alisamom wrote: Acknowledging help of any kind, even if it's someone's job, is a wonderful way to make people appreciated so that they feel seen. Thanks for being part of that connecting circle :)
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful share.
Mnc_91 wrote: Wonderful share. Thanks

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