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This Simple Act Of Kindness Left Her Feeling Connected and In Tears

--by autumnsky38, posted Feb 10, 2017
Hi everyone. This is just a short moment in time, but I wanted to share it because it made me feel so good. I was at the library the other day volunteering, and our library is a place where the homeless often spend their days as well.

As I was putting books up for our book sale, I glanced up and there were a small group of homeless people sitting in chairs near the door. One man caught my eye and he seemed to start to look down, almost as if he were embarrassed or ashamed. I locked eyes with him and smiled, and he just beamed back at me. I got tears in my eyes and waved to him before ducking back into the volunteer room trying not to cry.

I hear such negative stuff sometimes from library patrons about these down-on-their-luck people; how they smell bad, or shouldn't be there in the library, etc. and as I glanced at this one man, all I could think of was how beautiful he was. I wish that others who have such bad attitudes could open their hearts. All it takes sometimes is a smile, and another human being might feel cared for, at least for a moment.
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Horse-friend wrote: Thank you vor relating this small and powerful experiences and your choice in it. Very inspiring!
Ella de Jong wrote: Yes! It's so valuable to smile and really look at people! I always tell people there is strength found inside a smile even when a person is smiling inside for a second. It's empowering! Thank you for doing this and sharing this!
Virginia wrote: Kindness is so simple as you demonstrated. We can't know what has brought people to homelessness. I imagine most would prefer not to be in that situation. We all can use recognition - a smile is an easy tool.
Chris wrote: Thanks for sharing this. It's an important reminder that everyone is worth valuing, and we all need validation sometimes about our worth in the world. A smile can do that. How incredibly powerful!
Ellen Whitehead wrote: Beautiful! Thanks for your caring ways.
Brijendra wrote: You did a wonderful thing. He must be elated for the rest of the day. Thank you. Bless you. It shows your good bringing up
cabbage wrote: Bless you for caring
Rajni wrote:
All living beings have divine spark within. because of their past karma they are going through hard times. People who think, speak or do something bad about forget they are doing same to divinity within them. Will God be happy? You did a good job. Thanks for sharing and caring. May God always bless you.
mindyjourney wrote: When we notice and respond to the Divinity within :)), we feel our deeper connect. Thank you for doing, my friend <3. Well done!
healingtree wrote: The light in you saw the light in him....this is what makes us most beautifully human, humane. We need so much more of this kind of seeing. Good, so very good,, that this moment was met fully.

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