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My Love for The Homeless Veteran

The other day, I went into a store for water and a muffin. As I walked to the door, I passed this man who was sitting there silently in a wheelchair, missing part of his legs and one complete arm. I felt tears come to my eyes, and entered the store, but as I was looking for "my" stuff, something told me to buy extras. When I got back out to where he was seated, my heart just led me to ask him if he would like a bottle of water and a muffin too. He said yes, and our eyes locked onto each other. His were beautiful green, sort of like my own, and he said, "I love you." God, it was THE most intense, spiritual moment I think I've ever had, and I told him I loved him as well. It was just beautiful and I felt "seen" and "known" ... Read Full Story >>

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This Simple Act Of Kindness Left Her Feeling Connected and In Tears

Hi everyone. This is just a short moment in time, but I wanted to share it because it made me feel so good. I was at the library the other day volunteering, and our library is a place where the homeless often spend their days as well. As I was putting books up for our book sale, I glanced up and there were a small group of homeless people sitting in chairs near the door. One man caught my eye and he seemed to start to look down, almost as if he were embarrassed or ashamed. I locked eyes with him and smiled, and he just beamed back at me. I got tears in my eyes and waved to him before ducking back into the volunteer room trying not to cry. I hear such negative stuff sometimes from library patrons about these down-on-their-luck people; how they smell bad, or shouldn't be there ... Read Full Story >>

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A Prescription for Compassion

The other day I was standing in line at the drugstore waiting to get a prescription. The man in front of me started to talk to me out of the blue, and I noticed that he was very intoxicated. He was just striking up a normal "how's the weather?" Type of chat, and I pretended to not know that he was "drunk" and just allowed him to speak. I felt my heart fill to bursting with compassion for him in that moment, rather than other more negative reactions I might've had in the past, and when it was his time to get his order, he nodded and smiled at me, with gratitude in his eyes. I could "feel" that he felt "my" lack of reaction to his inebriation and was grateful for it, and I wished him a good day as he left. I'm so happy to be able to be that ... Read Full Story >>

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Nursing Home Love Connection

There is a lady at the nursing home where my Dad is, and one day she stopped as she rolled her wheelchair down the hallway to tell me she loved my sweater. We talked for awhile and I thanked her, and since then every time I see her we beam at each other and take each other's hand. She's just a doll, and has the dearest smile, and today as I was leaving, I saw her in the lobby. We grabbed each other's hands and smiled. I told her how good it was to see her again, and she said the same, and as I got ready to leave, she told me to be careful and to get home safe, and then she said "I love you." Well, my heart was so full I could've burst, and I told her I loved her too. I could tell she was worried that I ... Read Full Story >>

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Understand with the Heart

I was visiting my Dad at the nursing home where he's still recovering from the spinal surgery, and when I was heading down the hall to leave, this dear elderly man with beautiful blue eyes and a shock of white hair asked me to help him. He had a little trouble speaking, and so I knelt down and held his hand and asked him what he needed, and he wanted his shoes. I told him that I didn't work,there, but would go get his nurse and we'd find his shoes for him. Well, God love him, he continued to try and speak, but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say, and so I went and found his nurse, and then held his hand again and looked into his eyes and said, "It's okay, sir, she's getting your shoes now. Everything is okay." Well, the smile he gave me was just ... Read Full Story >>

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Reflecting Love in Our Words

The other day I was going to a doctor's appointment, and I happened to open the door for an older woman as we went inside. She was so lovely; dressed to the nines, nice hair do, makeup and everything and I was taken with her. As we rode up in the elevator together, I told her what I'd been thinking and she beamed such a bright smile it made my heart dance. She said "Thank you young lady! You've made my day!" And I was like, "No ma'am, you made mine." Watching her walking away, I noticed she had a spring in her step, and I felt so great knowing that I was part of her feeling that way. Such a nice gift for both of us.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Reclaiming Back My Holiday Spirit

I'm excited because today I saw that they have a tree at the library with tags that have info about elderly people and what sort of presents they'd enjoy. You buy the gifts, and then bring them to the library where the volunteers wrap and deliver them. I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow and see what kind of goodies I can get! :)

This feels more like Christmas to me than anything has in recent years since losing my Mom and going through my divorce. I wasn't sure my heart would ever be in the holiday again, but today I realized that it's coming back to life and that makes me feel joyful and terrific. :)

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Her Inquiry Led To A Touching Connection Between Them

I had to run to the store for pet stuff the other day, and I noticed that one of the young women who works there looked different. I'm in there all of the time and we chat, and so I knew that she was pregnant with twins. When I saw her the other day though, her pregnancy belly was gone, and I thought maybe she had lost the babies. I wasn't sure if I should say anything and so did a quick prayer and felt a positive nudge, and so I gently asked her how she was doing and that I hoped she didn't think I was being too forward, but that I'd noticed the change and was concerned. She opened up and shared with me that the babies came very early and are in the hospital for awhile, but that they are doing good. I was so overcome with gratitude and ... Read Full Story >>

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Receiving So Much From So Many

I received many kindnesses in the last week or and I had to share. My Dad (bless him) was having a good day yesterday and I was having a problem with another family member, so I brought it up, and he was so great. He reassured me that the other person had problems and it was okay for me to make some choices about dealing with him, and that he himself had some of the same issues with the person too. I felt heard and understood, and I told him that it felt good to have him on my side, and he hugged me and said that he was always on my side. It touched me so much and I felt for the first time in awhile that my Dad was able to be in the role of "Dad" for me-it was such a huge blessing. (Especially given how things have ... Read Full Story >>

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