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A Little Sweet Nothing

--by mnc_91, posted Feb 9, 2017
I was next in line to a lady paying her terminal fee at the port. The cashier seemed to be upset with the big bill the lady was paying because I learned it was already the second time she told the same lady that she has no change available for that bill. I would like to believe the cashier behaved that way because because she was alone in the paying booth and there were people lined up to pay. Or maybe she was just having a not so good day.

So after I paid my fee, I gave her the magic smiley chocolate bar. That simple act changed her mood immediately. I couldn't forget the smile painted on her face just because a stranger gave her a little sweet nothing 😍
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splain wrote: That chocolate bar sure worked. sounds like the cashier was having a bad day.
mindyjourney wrote: Your calming energy, plus the chocolate, sweetened her day :))
Mish wrote: I just posted about the power our smiles hold & now I see your post :)))))
Rajni wrote: Chocolates melt hearts.
leoladyc728 wrote: great way to help turn around someone's day

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