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Children's Minds

--by kmbhai, posted Mar 1, 2017
Children's mind can make anything. They can convert simpl things into beautiful things. This car parking place has decorated by children with paintings, craft paper and peace doves. After decoration this place is looking so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks to all children.

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Mish wrote: I see cheer & joy created by the Children there. How wonderful, Kmbhai.👍
splain wrote: It looks fabulous. They seem to really love doing things like this. Yes big thanks to those children
Brindlegirl wrote: Children add so much life to things!
Rajni wrote: Children are creative by nature.. When we let them work on their own, they excell. Thanks KMbhai for sharing.
mindyjourney wrote: What a great space for the car's parking place! The children bring JOY to everything :). Such creative encouragement you give. Lovely! And I'm sure the doves are happy there too <3.
leoladyc728 wrote: Your children have such great opportunities to learn and to be creative.
healingtree wrote: Creativity of children brings bliss to all who are able to see it. Some people, sadly, have had life impair their vision through too much cutting off of their own creative force. But if you are lucky enough to have remained fairly unscathed, or healed through, then something like this just makes you fill up with brightness and S*M*I*L*E*S
kjoyw wrote: Children bring so much life to living! They teach us joy!

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