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Helping an injured person

Yesterday,  I got an opportunity to help an injured neighbor. his right leg was injured with some major infection. I took him to hospital and discussed with Doctor for his treatment. Doctor advised him for proper treatment and to rest for long time. I also bought medicines for him. Now he is taking rest and proper treatment.

Thanks to all of for teaching me kindness !!!

Blessings ........

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Even Ants Need Kindness

Today I met with a very unique person who spreads food for the ants to eat. Every morning he walks for 5 to 10 km to feed ants.

I am very impressed by him. I think he is a very kind person and want to salute to him for his kind work.

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Sacred Acts

I think kindness is a very sacred word, which has a very vast message. We can't bind it in some definition or some words. We can feel it only in our heart or soul and it can be learned by practicing it in day-to-day life. As we as practice it, we learn more and more. I never try to do big things for showing my kindness. I just see it in little things and try to show big kindness in small steps. I use kindness in saying thanks to my colleagues, my friends, taxi drivers, laborers, mess workers, sweepers, gardeners, and other workers. I use kindness in spending time with a roadside tea stall worker, a vendor, orphanage children, and with the elderly. I use kindness in sharing smiles with strangers, children, patients, and with those who are in trouble. I use kindness in playing with animals and also in caring for injured birds. ... Read Full Story >>

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Help is Beyond the Money

A 15 year old girl who belongs to minority community had dropped her education due to some financial problems.

Her father was a labourer in a leather factory, but now he doesn't have any work and her mother used to do some work at home and earn something, but it is not sufficient for a five member family, so the girl had to drop her education.
But she is talented and got 65% marks in her 10th grade board exam and she has a strong will to study further. When I heard about it, I decided to help.
Yesterday, I went to her home and gifted her 1000 INR so that she could continue studying and go for higher education. She was very happy, and had an innocent smile on her face. Her parents were also happy, and thanked me.
I also felt happy, and good.

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Be Kind And Make Kind !

Children are the most beautiful beings on the earth! They are true examples of innocence, inspiration, energy and happiness.
Spend time with them, play with them, live with them and enjoy the happiness.
Be kind and make kind!

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What I Learned from Isolation

Make more and more friends. Never bring ego into your relationship. Love and compassion are the most valuable things on the earth. We all should try to get and give as much as we can. Dear friends, life can take any turn at any time or movement. It is unpredictable and unstoppable. We can’t measure it. We just need to go with it. One more truth about life is; we can’t spend it alone. On so many occasions, we need people, family, friends and community to live the journey of life. And especially in our struggles, we need them more. On March 16, 2020 my left leg was injured. At that time, I thought it was a simple injury, but a medical doctor later declared it a serious fracture and that I would have to be in bed for three months. It was shocking for me. I never spent more than 8 hours ... Read Full Story >>

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Playing With Learning

These children are playing a card game based on English learning method, which is gifted by my friend from across the border.

Thanks to her for their kind thought and great heart.

Blessings .....

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When Other's Pain Is Your Pain And You Can't Help But Reach Out

I had an opportunity to help out a young a girl, who is admitted in a hospital for the treatment of cancer disease. She's only teenager and suffering from cancer in her hip. Her parents are a daily wage laborers and live in a small village in India. They feel very overwhelmed and don't have any knowledge about this disease and treatment.

They were very helpless. When I heard about this, I visited the hospital, met with them and their girl. I talked with the doctors for all possibilities to which the doctor replied it is very crucial case.  There is risk of death but that they will try to their best to save her life.

I donated some money to her parents and also arranged for her to received a unit of blood for her, which she desperately needed.  I hope that she will defeat the cancer and win back her life.

May god bless her, may she live a long life and have prosperity.

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A Very Simple Celebration

A very simple celebration! I celebrated my birthday with a tea shop's worker and his wife. Both of them work at the tea stall. They don't have any children. I just sat with them and asked them, what would they like to eat? They smiled and didn't ask for anything. They told me "just spend some time with us." After half hour, I again asked them to eat something, but they didn't ask for anything. When I forced them and said I want to give you a party, his wife smiled and said, "just bring an apple." I was surprised and asked "an apple, why only an apple? I can bring ten pieces." She replied very politely, "please bring only an apple." I went to the market and bought an apple and gave it to her. She divided it in three parts and gave one part to me and one part to her ... Read Full Story >>

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Showing Kindness to Families of Hospital Patients

Recently, our 'mini boy's library' program decided to visit  a hospital. We met with some of the patients' family members. As we spoke with them and inquired what support we could give, they requested our help in getting food service.

The boys decided to make and distribute food in the hospital and also to laborers and street vendors as many of them are suffering due to the pandemic. It was a good experience to serve so many people with food and provide them with masks.

The boys did a great job. Thanks to them for all their hard work.

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World Food Day

I shared dinner with two special boys who live alone. Thanks to both of them for giving me this opportunity. They don't have too many choices in food.

Only on very few occasions do they get an opportunity to have more variety in their food, so I invited them for dinner with me. We watched some entertainment programs on T.V. and had dinner together. It was a very heart touching moment. I was so happy and felt true love in my heart.

Happy World Food Day !!

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Children's Minds

Children's mind can make anything. They can convert simpl things into beautiful things. This car parking place has decorated by children with paintings, craft paper and peace doves. After decoration this place is looking so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks to all children.

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Children Are Real Heroes

I enjoyed some cleaning work with children today.
Yesterday, it was a full day of raining in our city. And it made everything wet and soggy. Especially, the play grounds are so wet. And children love the playgrounds so much.

So, today, I did cleaning works with children. We did sweeping, digging, dragging, putting the dry soil on wet places, making pitch, cutting the grass.
It was so much labor work.

But we enjoyed it and I also got an opportunity to see the children's real love and energy for sports and creativity. They enjoyed all of the work and they finished it very smartly and positively. They are real heroes...

Thanks to all of them!

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Donated Some Books

I donated some books and stationery materials to some children, who are living in the slum area and were not able to buy books.

Covid19 has not only affected our health but also affected other parts of our life. Especially these  children’s lives. So many families have lost their jobs and work. It is very hard for them to arrange food for the whole family. Then how can they afford children’s education?

So I gifted books and stationery materials to those children.
So, they can continue their education and enjoy their lives.

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Healing Garden Tended With Love

Healing Garden :–

The healing garden began with just 4 plants. Now I have more than 50 herbs and plants in the garden. It was not easy to create a healing garden with the courtyard’s limited space.

It requires regular care and I didn’t have much time, so in the beginning, many plants went dry due to lack of proper care. My isolation gave me an opportunity to care for the plants and develop a beautiful garden. In the period of lock down, I bought more plants with big planters and started caring for my plants in the morning and evening.

Proper watering, giving fertilizer at the right time, removing grass and maintaining the ratio of sunlight and shadow. After much hard work, now the healing garden is ready to heal you.

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A Beautiful Morning With A Generous Gardener!!

Today morning I got an opportunity to help a gardener (an old man), in cleaning the field in order to grow new plants. It was a very beautiful way to begin the day for me. While I was walking near the farming field, I saw this old man pulling out the grass and weeds. I entered the field and asked him if I could help. He agreed and gave me a grass cutter.

I started cutting the grass and cleaned up to 200 sq. meter area. It was such a joy to work with him. He shared with me many interesting stories from his life. He also offered me some fruits and vegetables for which I was very thankful.

Grateful to the gardener in all of you.

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Helping Girls Continue Their Education

I helped some girls with their educations. Their parents work in a leather factory.
Due to financial problems, the girls had to stop going to school, but they need higher education.

Last Sunday I paid their school fees and gave them an opportunity to complete their dreams.

The girls seem happy and have restarted their studies. I saw beautiful smiles on their faces and brightness in their eyes for a better future.

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Peace Journey In India From Kanpur To Varanasi

We organized a journey for Peace from Kanpur to Varanasi to spread the message of Peace and Love. It started with a meeting at the mini library in Kanpur, where we discussed the details of the journey and the program to follow.

The boys sang a couple of Peace songs. We then started our journey. During the journey, we stopped at several places to talk about peace, friendship, kindness and love. We also distributed peace cards, peace doves, quote cards and peace pamphlets.

It was nice to meet people with different thoughts and behavior. Many people appreciated our work and promised to forward our message to other people. We were also refused by some people. Overall, it was a joyful experience that we will remember for the rest of our life. I am thankful to all the volunteers and people who supported us.

Hope that one day peace will Prevail on the Earth !!

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Clothing That Matters

On the street near my home, an old rickshaw puller wearing no shirt was passing by. His body was wet with sweat and he seemed very shy. He requested from me a t-shirt. The humble request touched my heart. I went inside my home and returned with some t-shirts and inner wear. As I gifted him the clothes, he gave me a big smile. 


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Sharing A Train Seat With Another Passenger

Last Saturday, I was on a train during my journey from one state to another state. I had a reserved seat so I was very comfortable but in front of my seat there was a family who was traveling with little kids and had only one seat. They all had to cram into that one seat, and there was no space for the women. The weather was also very cold. I decided to move a little bit and share a fourth of my seat so that the women and their children could sit down and travel comfortably.

After having a seat, the whole family was very happy and had beautiful smiles on their faces.

Sharing increases happiness!

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Some Winter Cloths Can Be Make Some One Happy !!

Today I got an opportunity to help a servant with some winter clothes. today's morning he came to me and told me that he got a new baby in his house.he was looking very happy and good. he asked me for some winter clothes, so I gave him some shirts and woolen clothes. he thanked me with cheerful smile.

Thanks to him and also to all of you.

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Sharing Knowledge With Children

I had an interactive session with children to give something, and to learn something. It was very a nice time with the children where I taught them subjects like Mathematics and English and they taught me how to live happily all time.

I am thankful ful for the children.

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Medical Assistance for Student Living Alone

I gave help to an ill student. He lives alone in a rented room, and his parents live in another city. A few days ago, he was suffering from some serious disease in his teeth. He was not able to eat anything and also faced problems speaking. No one was with him to take care of him.

He messaged me and asked for help. I visited his room and took him to the hospital and provided him with proper treatment. After taking some medicines and getting some proper care, he is feeling good and relaxed. I also talked to his parents on the phone and told them don’t worry, he is good, and I am taking care of him. They offered thanks.

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The Little Saviors!!

The little saviors!!

The two little boys collect scattered flowers around the trees/ plants and put them in a safe place, so they don't get buried under people's feet. And after cleaning all the flowers, they use them in making manure or sometimes flow them into the river.

They also try to convince their schoolmates and other friends not to pluck the flowers from trees and plants.

So many thanks to both boys for their great act of kindness. They are little by age but they are very old by their work.


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Beautiful Gift For Mini ...

Beautiful gift for Mini library !

A dear ks friend has donated some books for children at Mini Library ( Kind Wings) All books are very interesting and knowledgeable. Children will love to read them.

Thank you so much..

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This Beautiful Painting Has ...

This beautiful painting has been created by a student, who never went to the school. But has big talent and deserve the opportunity for study.

So kind Wings is helping him in getting a good education and go to school.

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Parcel of Kindness

The other day I received a parcel from a very kind friend. Thank you so much dear friend for sending masks and hand gloves. These will be very useful for us, aiding in our protection from the Covid-19 virus.

We will distribute these to the people in our community who are most in need.

Heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude! You are an amazingly kind and generous person.

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Following the River Flow

Our act of service today to our environment was to clean garbage and plastic from the banks of the Ganga river. 

 It was not just a cleaning program for the river,  but also an opportunity for cleaning our souls and our thinking.

We enjoyed it very much and we felt calm and motivated. Thanks to all participants for their time and labor. We will continue this work, grateful for the chance to help our environment through our actions.

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Cycle Journey For Peace !!

As we all know that the whole universe is suffering from hatred, religious discrimination, violence, and war (Russia vs. Ukraine). So many negative energies and thoughts are travelling around the world. So there is a big need to share peace messages, kindness stories, positive thoughts and radiating love. To address this problem, we are organizing a 500 mile cycle journey for peace. We will start from Kanpur and pass through several villages, cities to reach Delhi. We will meet with people, distribute pamphlets, kindness quote cards, and peace doves, sing peace and love songs, do press conferences and discussion programs. We will also visit the Russian and Ukraine embassies to meet with ambassadors to share our peace messages in their country. It will start on July 16, 2022 and finished on July 25, 2022 There is a kind request to all of you please come with us to spread the message of peace and love. ... Read Full Story >>

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Deep Feelings For Our Seniors!

Today, I spent some time with an old man. He was alone and not feeling good. I offered him a cup of tea with me. He accepted and bought some biscuits packets. We had a long chat over tea. As he told me that he was feeling very alone and upset. But now I am very happy and feeling very relaxed. It was a very good day for me, I will never forget it. Thanks.

I also thanked him for giving me an opportunity to do something for our seniors. It was a great pleasure for me. I enjoyed it.

Thank you

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