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Helping a Lost Dog Find Its Way Home

--by ruru, posted Jun 29, 2009

I saw a beautiful sunset today. It reminded me of a special favor I did not too long ago. I was driving home and noticed a small dog on the side of the road. Oddly, it just didn't seem to belong there. It was a busy route and an 18 wheeler was coming.

I stopped the car and dotted across the street.  The little mutt looked at me and came right over. He had a collar around his neck but no name, nothing. There was nothing but woods on this road, but about 6 homes on the other. So, I put pooch in the car and drove up one of the long driveways.

I knocked on one door and asked, "Do you have a dog?" The lady who opened the door said no, so I showed her the dog and asked if she had an idea whose dog it could be.  She immediately recognized it as the dog from four houses down.  I thanked her and went over. The owner was outside looking for the dog when I pulled up the driveway. She was so happy to see her dog, knowing how dangerous the road is. Well, I missed the sunset that day, but today's was really cool.

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anniejames wrote: Wow! That was such a cute thing to do. I had a dog once, and i really loved. I can imagine how happy the owner must have felt. It was really nice of you to go out of ur way to restore the happiness of a another person. :)annie
tanis wrote: Reminds me of a time i saw a lovely young dog at the edge of a busy highway. I decided to turn around and go back to help it get to safety (after arguing with myself for a few long moments while looking for a spot to turn the car around). I drove back, but saw the dog lying dead on the road and a hysterical, grieving couple hovering in anguish over him. I knew it had been right to go back, but i just didn't get there in time. You did! Thank you from dog heaven.
vsoul wrote: You are too good Ruru. Superb story. Thank you for sharing.
Modestobob wrote: RuRu few people would've gone that far to unite the dog with their owner. Way to go. I'm sure it also made you very happy to have helped. Mega Hugs & Smiles! :) ~ModestoBob (4 Smiles)
AURELIA wrote: Well RuRu, you certainly spread SUNSHINE that day! Thank you for going out of your way to help the little dog and also to give the owner their dog back! You are wonderful and SMART to find it's home so quickly! God Bless you. :0) ~Aurelia
MyHeart2Yours wrote: RuRu...As a pet owner - A dog, cat and husband, our pets are a part of our family. Thank you for taking a run-away home

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