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Smile Cards, Notes and Little Surprises

--by maer, posted Jul 1, 2009

I have a little book of 'sticky notes' I purchased at a card shop at Christmas time, not sure who I would give the notes to or if I would use the individual funny notes at work. Well, I finally figured out how to use them.

I selected about 10 different notes, added my own little messages to them and placed them in envelopes w/ a smile card. One says how everything tastes better with hot fudge on it, so I will buy a jar of hot fudge to have ready to pass on to someone. One mentions a relaxing bubble bath so that will go with a nice bottle of bath bubbles. One jokes about popcorn so of course I will attach some microwave popcorn to the envelope. A couple envelopes have money in them for a treat which the sticky note mentions and so on.

On the backs of the envelopes I have penciled in what is inside or what should go with it so I can easily give them out when the occasion arises.  On some envelopes I wrote things like, "If you found this, it's for you," or "Finder's keepers... this is yours."

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iferlamb wrote: Neat neat neat! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.
Modestobob wrote: A true random act of kindness Maer! Good for you and what a wonderful treat for those that cross your path! You have a wonderful heart it sounds Maer! Thank you so much fo sharing! Hugs & Smiles! :) ~ModestoBob~
AURELIA wrote: Super Ideas! I think you got a winner with this! Enjoy making others smile. I am happy you are creative like that..I may steal your idea. :0) ~Aurelia
vsoul wrote: Terrific idea Maer !! i am going to use it soon in my kids' birthday party. Thanks, your it is just on time.
FairyBubbles wrote: I really like this idea - it has got me thinking - maybe I could do something like this too!
onefish2fish wrote: very cool idea. I love it! ~Stacey

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