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For Your Time, Effort And Smiles, Thank You!

--by Jozii, posted Jul 1, 2009

Today I received my very own set of Smile Cards from Yay! I opened my envelope with great excitement and found my promised ten cards along with a larger card with ideas printed on it. Immediately I started planning my next kind act – the cards truly have an inspiring effect!

It was then I realized the value of these cards and of websites such as Not only does it inspire you, but receiving these cards, knowing that there are others out there with the same aim to be kind to others as I myself have, really made me smile! And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

In other words, the Smile Cards have already done a great deal: they made me smile! And in the future I hope each and every single card I hand out will make someone else smile too.

I’d like to thank HelpOthers for offering these cards and for caring enough to encourage others – me included – to be generally kind and carry out random acts of kindness. I’d like to thank the volunteers who spend time and money on sending out these Smile Cards. And above all, I’d like to thank YOU for taking the time to read this and write on this website, thus encouraging others in the name of true kindness.

For your time, effort, and beautiful smiles, I thank you all!

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Readers Comments

hotcocoa wrote: Yeah, the action of giving, well we could say the living of giving it's really huge. Just thinking about it or planning it a head makes you happy :)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hpapines with us :)
iferlamb wrote: Amen! Amen! And amen! It is all a labor of love! So happy to have another earer smile spreader! Can't wait to hear your stories. Smiles.
Norman wrote: We are all angels but with one wing. The website and all who visit and share their wonderful stories provide the additional wing to enable all of us have a pair and fly high. Thanks for being the other pair of wing and enabling others fly higher.
LOAS wrote: I share your gratitude for this site and the volunteers behind it. Glad you're here. :)
warmth wrote: Jozii enjoy using the smile cards and spreading smiles :)
EnglishRose wrote: Amen to all of the above! It is great to have another person on the help others team, and i hope you have great fun sharing those smile cards out where you live, maybe i will be lucky enough to read a story about the great experiences you are sure to have. Thank you xxx
Claudia wrote: Like you, jozii, i was so happy to receive my smile cards and have used them all up, spreading them around when i go for coffee or at the nursing home where i volunteer. Thank you also to all the volunteers who take the time to mail these out! Its a wonderful wonderful thing!
Atul wrote: Smile is necessary for healthy life. The "helpothers" is a good way to express our thoughts.
cabbage wrote: Awwwww. That is so sweet of you. I smile to myself as i send out smile cards (who knows, maybe you received one of my shipments? ! ) not knowing who is on the other end and what they will do with the cards. Just knowing that i am sending them out into the world is enough to make my day :-) thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Modestobob wrote: Jozii we are soooo glad to have you a part of May you be encouraged and strengthened by each of us daily. And don't forget to help & support others too They'll love you for it. Welcome aboard Jozii! :) Hugs & Smiles! ~ModestoBob~

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