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Animals As My Teachers

--by horse-friend, posted Apr 7, 2017
Today a creative friend and me started working again through 'The Artist's Way' (it is my 30th or something time, I stopped counting the 25th time – I still love this book and Julia Camerons other books and the change they have brought into my life!).

My commitment is to draw/paint/contact/massage an animal every day for the next 12 weeks. I am excited and thrilled and feel also a bit insecure about this new commitment.

The last weeks have made me aware that animals have been my dominant role model when it comes to 'small acts of kindness and respect'. They always act anonymously, what they do is always small in the moment, they first take care of themselves, they do not bargain or lay out hidden hooks, they are willing to give into the huge circle of life while being part of it themselves, they just do their way and leave it up to everyone else to do things their own way. I have gotten so much love and respect from them, they have taught me to never give up and no matter what happened to get up and try again.

I want to learn more as I continue doing each day something a bit different or/and new in my 'small acts of kindness and respect' and to connect to them daily is a way to be sourced by their natural love and respect.

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SissyLee wrote: Thank you for loving the animals. I am a former shelter worker and have 3 dogs and 5 cats remaining from that time. Animals have always been my saving grace.
Mish wrote: You walk a beautiful path, horse-friend. Bless.
mindyjourney wrote: So much kindness and reaching out to others! Thank you.
kjoyw wrote: Such beautiful giving and receiving! Wonderful share for us to read. Love the image you included. There is such a spirit of openness and vibrancy there!
Rajni wrote: Thanks for sharing this beautiful inspiring post.
splain wrote: Your whole life is just full of kindness.
leoladyc728 wrote: great give and take

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