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Love Does Indeed Live On

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 18, 2017
Friend mentioned during lunch how it would have been her and her late husband's 48th wedding anniversary in a few days; how she had just used the last of the perfume he had given her as gift many years ago.

And wouldn't you know what I found right after our lunch date? A bottle of that same scent at the quick stop at a nearby store. The ONLY bottle and at a reduced price.

The Universe so LOVES expediency, so I dropped it by on on my way home.She opened the bottle immediately, sniffed and smiled.

"It's from Gordon." I said.

And we both sighed at the beautiful knowing that LOVE does indeed live on.

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Subh wrote: How magical is that. Love in all its essence.
Madronaman wrote: Good one, gordon! He even got it on sale! And thank you mindy for being his instrument.
SissyLee wrote: Aromas go so deep. What a special thing you did.
Joanellenhoo wrote: Isn't. It wonderful when the universe conspires with us? What a lovely story and gesture.
horsegirl21 wrote: Oh Mindy, so thoughtful of you, and the Universe :))
kjoyw wrote: It so does! And this certainly is a great example!
Mish wrote: And I bet Gordon
led you there, twinnie.👍❤️😇
splain wrote: I love when things like this just happen. So meant to be. Nice one Mindy
autumnsky38 wrote: Oh that is wonderful! I love how the universe works! and this pic warms my heart. Sigh....I can almost feel my Mom's arm around my shoulder. : )
healingtree wrote: As laughingsoul said, MAGIC---very moved....

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