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Delivering Surplus Food From Businesses to Those in Need

--by Rajni, posted Apr 20, 2017
Raj Karmani: Delivering surplus food from businesses to those in need. From: Kazan Today

Raj, a Pakistani, came to the U.S. to study computer science.

While in graduate school at the University of Illinois, he noticed the owner of a nearby bagel shop calling charities to see if they wanted to pick up his surplus food.

Raj knew that was a wonderful thing to do, but also knew there had to be a better way:

Knowing that over 30% of all food produced in the U.S. is discarded, Raj started Zero Percent in 2013.

Its purpose is to collect surplus food from restaurants, markets, other sources, and food destined for landfills, and instead deliver it to charities in need.

Using his computer skills, he developed applications matching businesses and charities, and provided efficient pickup and delivery services, seven days a week.

Zero Percent now has 525 food donors, that have provided 160,000 meals to 384 nonprofits, all in the Chicago area.

And this food rescue system has the potential for use in many parts of the world, dispersing billions of pounds of food to feed the hungry.

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Readers Comments

Jeff Kori wrote: I would like to start up the same service in atlanta, ga where we live. Thanks for the wonderful idea put into action, raj and showing by example how we can each make a huge difference! I would love to speak by phone to learn more about the infrastructure and how to duplicate here in atlanta but giving you the credit.
My cell is 404 966 3628. Please connect with me when you have a moment to speak.
Raindrop1972a wrote: Great work! Bless this man!
Rajni wrote: This kind of charity serves many purposes. When we alone do kind acts alone is kind of selfish service. But What Raj did is commendable. Volunteers work get opportunity to help others. Businesses and food doners are also grab selfless act opportunity. Most of all reused food items to save resources. Also land fill space is saved. Saves time for "waste collectors and time in management of waste as well. hope others get inspired from this story to follow suit and show love for mother earth and all others involved.
mindyjourney wrote: Love that Raj took his talents and used them to help create such a wonderful platform to get otherwise wasted food to where it is needed! Tx for sharing the info and links :)))).
Mish wrote: Bless this man & all who are part of this ❤️
kmbhai wrote: Great story. Salute to Raj👌👌
leoladyc728 wrote: what a wonderful man for all he does

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