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I Saved A Life ...

I Saved A Life By Shoveling .................................................By A Friend • January 21, 2019 My neighbor is a paramedic, him and his wife are some of the nicest people I have ever met. A few years back we started this sort of "favour war" where one of us would do something for the other, such as shovel their driveway or help them build a shed, and next time the other would try to top it with another favour. Yesterday morning there was maybe 2 or 3 feet of snow on the ground (we live in a northern Ontario town so this is typical) and I remembered he shovelled my driveway for me last snowfall. So I bust out my shovel and take care of both our sidewalks and driveways because it was my turn to do a favour back. It takes a while but I finish and get into my car for work. ... Read Full Story >>

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She Calls Me Father

I did not remember her, but recently a young woman’s email note surprised me and brought tears of joy. Her email began, “We met in a subway train in Queens, New York...” Fate had seated us next to each other. She wrote that she had been sad and depressed. She did not want to talk or face a genuine smile from someone like me. Life meant nothing to her at that moment. Her sad feelings did not stop me. I continued to talk to her about hope, faith and love. I gave her quote cards that she put in her bag. At home she was shocked to find the words on the quote cards resonated with her present situation. She became very happy and forgot the dark side of her life. Her grateful heart wanted to see me again to thank me about the kindness she received. She felt that God had sent me to help her feel better. This ... Read Full Story >>

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Heroes At The Beach

What an incredible day at the beach! Not because it was the most fabulous weather. Not because we were with fabulous friends. No, it was the best day because a group of men and a young boy took the time to notice a little boy with different abilities, waving his arms in the air saying, "my turn, me, me" as the football was being tossed around over his head. Honestly, my first thought was,  'oh man they are playing football, I'm going to have to go move Micah.' I called Micah from my chair 50 ft away and he was refusing to come! He just continued to watch the ball being tossed, listening to the fun laughter of the guys, and watching the high fives they were swapping. These are the moments that I dread. These are the moments I have to make choices to choose good thoughts, not bad ones! ... Read Full Story >>

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Delivering Surplus Food From Businesses to Those in Need

Raj Karmani: Delivering surplus food from businesses to those in need. From: Kazan Today Raj, a Pakistani, came to the U.S. to study computer science. While in graduate school at the University of Illinois, he noticed the owner of a nearby bagel shop calling charities to see if they wanted to pick up his surplus food. Raj knew that was a wonderful thing to do, but also knew there had to be a better way: Knowing that over 30% of all food produced in the U.S. is discarded, Raj started Zero Percent in 2013. Its purpose is to collect surplus food from restaurants, markets, other sources, and food destined for landfills, and instead deliver it to charities in need. Using his computer skills, he developed applications matching businesses and charities, and provided efficient pickup and delivery services, seven days a week. Zero Percent now has 525 food donors, that have provided 160,000 meals to 384 nonprofits, all in ... Read Full Story >>

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Making an Effort to Help Strangers

I have a wonderful story about this young man, Connor. He was helping a family in front of me that was scraping pennies (literally) and only had less than $3 on their EBT card. The change was on the conveyor belt and rolled down under the counter. He tried his hardest to get them all. He asked them again how much they had left on their card (EBT), which was less than $3.

As he was counting it all out he knew they didn’t have enough. He got his own wallet out and put $2 in so they could get the few items they had. When he did it, he did it like it was no big deal.

This young man went above and beyond for this customer and I would love to see him  recognized for being an outstanding employee. What an act of selflessness and kindness to help someone less fortunate.

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Doctor Gives Kindness Treatment

Tuesday morning my 5 year old woke up and his eye was extremely swollen and red. Like really bad. I took him to urgent care up the road and after being examined the doctor, she was very concerned. They prescribed antibiotics but said I needed to take him to the ophthalmologist right away. The one in my town didn’t have any same day appointments but they were able to get me into one about 45 min away. I was already holding back tears because I was scared for my son. My gas tank was on E and I don’t get paid until the 3rd. I completely lost it and told the nurse what was going on. I said I had to call some people and ask to borrow some gas money but I would get him there somehow. A minute later the doctor came in and handed me 20$ so we could get ... Read Full Story >>

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Bouncing with Happiness

A stranger heard we were planning for my daughter's fifth birthday, and volunteered to drop off and set up a commercial bouncy house (that the kids loved) and he wouldn't take a cent in payment or let us help. He just told us to pay it forward.

I was blown away by his generosity and it was a lot of work to set up and pack away and he just said he likes knowing that kids had fun.

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Chain Reaction of Kindness at the Subway Station

Kindness pays back with positivity. I was about to climb up the staircase at subway station in New York. I saw one lady was having a hard time getting her wheelchair up the stairs. After thinking someone might help me get my bag up, I left my bag on the floor and offered help to the lady. She gladly accepted it. While I took her wheelchair up, one young man brought my heavy bag up the staircase. I thanked him and rewarded him with a quote card. I gave a quote card to the lady after bringing her wheelchair up. Kindness pays back immediately with positivity.

When kindness paid back instantly, I resolved to pay it forward.

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Let's All Be Well ...

Let's All Be Well post of our dear sister Mindy inspired me to search for some appropriate image.

What I got is the image attached below. Drawing and hanging is sure a fun to do. How many people will look at the poster hanged in my window other than birds and may be monkeys.

As an act of kindness, as usual I do, Make a quote card and share with others. Many of them will display for others or share the photo on FB, WhatsApp or email or in any other form.

During the time of Corona Pandemic. May All be well.

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And My Journey Continues. ...

I am leaving for Ahmedabad, India tonight Oct 6, reaching Ahmedabad on Oct 8. I do need to activate my Portable WiFi. I may not be able to email till then. Almost six months have passed since I came back from India on April 10/11. Life is taking new turns. I moved to New York from New Jersey. living with a friend cum family. They are very attentive to help and guide, to make my stay very comfortable and enjoyable. I pray Sai Baba to continue to bless them profusely. They are regularly taking part in "Narayana Seva" making food for needy people. Sai Baba is helping me guide my life in His way. I am grateful to Him. A Sai devotee couple willingly accepted all the material and devices like printer and Lamination Machine from me. I am very grateful to them. We shared some "Making Cards for Sai "  ideas. ... Read Full Story >>

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Post Lockdown Everyday Acts

After the lockdown was lifted in Ahmedabad, India - May 2020, I am again able to go out when necessary, with plenty of kindness opportunities. My day starts with the prayer “Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu,” which means “Let all the worlds be happy,” and thereby all beings in all the worlds. Save water after hand-washing laundry to flush the toilet. Daily, after doing dishes, save water to flush toilet as well. Compose inspiring email and send to over 200 contacts every other day. Posting inspiring articles on FaceBook, KS and in an email that I send every other day has become a part of my life. Feed bird seeds several times and wash/fill bird bath almost daily. Several times I have donated money to needy people and bought groceries for them. Made sesame sweets and gave to staff at Utthan (Center for the differently abled), friends and needy people. I appreciate their trust in me and ... Read Full Story >>

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Kind Domino Effect

This is a story of a kind act which had a domino effect going from patient to dentist to sweeper (janitor). I gave quote cards to patients waiting their turn in the dentist office waiting area. When I was called in to see the dentist, I placed a “Wear A Mask“ and “Keep Social Distance“ sign on the dentist’s table along with some quote cards. He checked my teeth and said: “Let broken loose teeth fall down, nothing can be done about it.” He refused to take a fee from me. I put a little extra on his table. He was giving me more change back, while cutting down his fees. I politely refused to take it and requested that he give it to some needy people. Immediately he gave much more than my change to the lady who was sweeping the office floor. I was satisfied that I paid the fee and a little extra ... Read Full Story >>

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An Angel on the Train

I was on a train heading into Sydney where a middle-aged man experienced a mental distress episode.  It made those around him extremely uncomfortable.

A young woman sitting near me started talking to him to make sure he was OK. The two of them spoke for about 10 minutes. The lady showed such compassion and empathy towards this complete stranger.

Not only did she calm him down and help him come to the decision to seek assistance, she stunned those of us sitting in the immediate area with her kindness and humility.


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Gifts of Food, Time, and Joy in Celebration

I visited the supermarket to buy some groceries for a homeless family living across the supermarket, as well as for me.

While the cashier was scanning my cart full of groceries, a man came behind me in line with one item. I asked him to allow me to pay. He agreed. I paid, thanked him, and gave him a birthday card, Smile Cards, and bookmarks. 

Before all my items were scanned, a second man arrived in the line with two small cookie packages. I offered to pay for his items, too. He agreed and gave me his items. After the cashier rang them up and gave them back to me, I returned the cookies to the man. He tried to reimburse me. I asked him not to pay me, but to pay it forward to people in need. I gave him a birthday card, Smile Cards, and bookmarks, too.

I gave the groceries to the homeless family who was waiting. They needed something extra, so I gave them money.

I also paid extra to rickshaw driver.

All this was in honor of my son's marriage anniversary. He seemed happy to know the way I celebrated.

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International Peace Day Celebration

To celebrate International Peace day, I made Peace quote cards with mindyjourney’s message, laminated for durability. Peace dove and a string were attached to hang them. I am grateful to Sister Mindy for her inspiration. The doves were made by sisters Mindy and Cathie during their India trip November 2019. I just added a few. I am also grateful to my brother who helped me with corrections and suggestions in Gujarati translation. Credit goes to Utthan for giving me cards to make quote cards. I am happy to be a little part of this International Peace Day project. I distributed some peace and other quote cards today. Utthan, computer shop and the supermarket received a bunch of them. Others were also given where I shopped on September 21. This is just the beginning. The Peace quote cards will be made when needed to give away regularly along with other quote cards. Peace is the ... Read Full Story >>

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Expanding Hearts on a Plane Journey

Kindness Journey I have a hearing problem, so my son helped me to check in my luggage at the Dulles International Airport Washington DC. I gave a birthday- quote card pack to check-in clerk. Her face brimmed with a smile, thanking me. It was my first time at the Washington DC airport, so my son asked for wheelchair to make sure I found the departure gate. The check-in clerk came out from behind the counter and requested my wheelchair to the lady managing them. I am thankful to all of them. The gate was not an easy find for me going up and down and taking train to gate. My son took the right decision to have the wheelchair. I greatly appreciate his love and concern for me. At the security check, they let me pass with my watch, belt and shoes on. At the boarding gate I said that I have hearing problem and asked ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness All Around Today

Yesterday I visited a new branch of my local bank. I had to ask some people for directions. At a crossroads, I took a wrong turn.

Again, I asked another gentleman for directions. Rather than giving me directions, the kind soul offered me a ride to the bank, which I gladly accepted.

Kindness received. I am grateful to him and Sai Baba for sending him my way. I gave him a quote card. While walking, I handed out more quote cards, too.

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This Is True Love, ...

This Is True Love, By A Friend

Me (Author)(left) and my dad (right) a few years ago.

I caught an undiagnosed lung infection that left me in a bad way for about 10 days.

Dad just used to sit next to me for hours and read, I wasn't really with it but he had obviously decided my breathing tube was more comfortable in this position.

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Donate a Book Change a Life

Saturday March 12, I was walking to meet my friend. On the way I gave some quote cards. At the bus stop I found 4 young girls waiting for the bus. I gave them some quote cards and a booklet on Positive Thinking in Gujarati and talked about positive thinking.

Walking further, I asked a man on scooter how far is Vijay cross road? He came behind me and gave me a ride to my friend's place. I reached there in time. I am grateful to him.

My friend is running a project to send inspiring books to different libraries. I gave him booklets and donation for some books for libraries. I am just a part of the donation. It was a KS friend that gave part of it. I am grateful to them.

The image says "Donate a book, change a life"

Bigger is better.

Donate books to libraries and change many lives.

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Kindness to Our Mother Earth

I am trying my best to live plastic-free. For food storage, I use stainless steel containers. For grains and spices, I use glass bottles. You can see what my cabinet looks like! For shopping, I try to carry a fabric bag with me, but sometimes forget, so I end up getting plastic bags that I reuse. The following article may help live plastic-free, as much as possible. May we all help save our mother earth by being as much plastic free possible and inspire others. 

Plastic-free living for the whole family. This Plastic Free July, learn how you can make your household plastic-free.

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Swapping the Rickshaw for Organic Walking

While buying organic vegetables, I gave some quote cards and bookmarks to other shoppers. After buying the vegetables, I was walking towards home. One gentleman gave me a ride to the main street which I really appreciated. I got off his scooter and I gave him a bunch of quote cards and a booklet on positive thinking. I also told him a story about positive thinking and my experiences with it.

Further on down the road, I gave some donations to needy people including enough to one lady with two kids, to buy some groceries and slippers for her daughter.

I never save money walking in place of taking the rickshaw. Instead, I meet people who need help and give some donations. This is like organic walking to me.
I am thankful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for sending opportunities on my way and helping and guiding me. I am just His instrument in this regard.

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Positive Words Galore

I have made Family Mission statements to give away. I found them from the book Positive Words, Powerful Results by Hal Urban. Every teacher, student, and parent should read it. It is a wonderful book. I have purchased 3 books to give away.

I gave “This family celebrates--life and one another” sign to my son. His wife also liked it.

I will give away. “No put-downs--Compliments spoken here.” It is good for schools and home as well. Hal Urban had this banner in his class for many years while he was teaching.

I can send a PDF of this sign that you can print and give to school, family or friends as an act of kindness. I can make any other message of your choice. Any KS friends who wish to get PDF, please send me your email in a private message. Thank you.

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