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A $100 Note For Doing The Right Thing

--by lynzall, posted Jul 14, 2009

When I was in South Africa in February this year visiting, my mum and I used to do our shopping together.  One day we went to this big shopping centre and I decided to stay with the car while she ran in to get some stuff.  

I noticed there are a lot of guys who help people find car spots and help guide them in.  They also watch your car to make sure it doesn't get broken into while you're shopping in order to make some money for their families.  When we got there this gentlemen came up and asked if he could keep an eye on our car.  I said there was no need as I was staying in the car.

These guys only get given money and change if people choose to give it.  I remember standing there watching him help about 8 people, who had come and gone and none of them even gave him a cent.

So, I decided to get out of our car and called the gentlemen over.  I asked him how his day had been and he said well its long days, he had been there since 7 am.  I asked if he was employed by anyone or if he gets a salary for doing what he does.  He said no and that he and his family live off of whatever people choose to give.  I also asked if he gets protection, for instance what if he got hit by a car.  He said no, there isn't stuff like that, everyone needs money to live and with out an education this is all he could do.

I told him I had watched him and not one of the people he helped gave him money -- I told him it must be difficult.  The man ran off to go help someone again who was leaving, and again no one was giving any money.

At that moment, I looked in my wallet and all I had was a $100 note. I called him over again and gave him the $100. He opened his hand and looked at me stunned.  He said this is too much, but I told him that he should consider it the last 9 people's fares, and thanked him for the chat.  I told him that it is honourable that he is at least making an attempt to work for his family, and that he isn't begging on the street for nothing -- he does hard work and he deserves it.

My mom came back to the car and went to pay him, as she wasn't aware that I had given him mone.  He shook her hand and said thank you, this one's on me.  He gave me a big smile when I left and waved goodbye. 

See, I think that it's important to recognise when someone is trying to do the right thing.  Yeah I could have waited for my mom to return and break $100 note, but you know what, if it means a meal for someone's family or me buying myself some possesion, I choose helping someone out in need.

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blackbettyboop wrote: Beautiful. Your blessings will come back tenfolds. If only there was more like you, me and a few others in this world.
gracieliz wrote: Oh, your story made my day. You're so very right, a lot of what we spend could do really important things for so many. Thank you for keeping my feet on the path!
hotcocoa wrote: Aww, what a nice story!

Nothng better than a smile :)
You did great, congrats!
Mtalii wrote: Excllent.

Kindness in true colours.

Veena wrote: Good decision. Nice story
iferlamb wrote: Good choice!

lindsgran wrote: God bless you for you careing about others. This was a lovelely act of kindness
anniejames wrote: That was a truly wonderful thing to do. Amazing
Smitha wrote: I am sure you must of felt like the happiest person on the planet after having done that. I too help people who try to put effort and are willing to work hard for their families. God bless all your deeds. - love latesha
Rahul wrote: Hey buddy ifeel that you have done a good thing there such pepole on the earth who has to work day to day for their family but their are very few person on the earth to help such needful pepole like you. Hats off to you. I think you will be filling happiest man on the earth at that time.

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