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$100 Hero Changes a Family's Life Forever

I read an article in my local paper a while ago, and it really stuck with me.   There was a couple in my neighbourhood whose house had been badly damaged in a hail storm we had earlier in the year. I remember it well and so did my car, hailstones almost the size of baseballs. Anyway I read this article a few months after the storm that this couple didn't have insurance and they had just bought their first home, they had been saving for five years to get their home. They were a fairly young couple and unfortunately their home was badly damaged in the hail. They had most of their house damaged, not only by the hail but a tree outside their house had fallen and destroyed a a section of the house. They didn't have money to repair because all their money was going into just buying the place, and ... Read Full Story >>

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A $100 Note For Doing The Right Thing

When I was in South Africa in February this year visiting, my mum and I used to do our shopping together.  One day we went to this big shopping centre and I decided to stay with the car while she ran in to get some stuff.   I noticed there are a lot of guys who help people find car spots and help guide them in.  They also watch your car to make sure it doesn't get broken into while you're shopping in order to make some money for their families.  When we got there this gentlemen came up and asked if he could keep an eye on our car.  I said there was no need as I was staying in the car. These guys only get given money and change if people choose to give it.  I remember standing there watching him help about 8 people, who had come and gone ... Read Full Story >>

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