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The Meter Man Shared His Deeply Painful Story

--by RoseMarie, posted Jun 11, 2017
It was a scorching summer's day many years ago. I had just returned from town where I had bought my children their school shoes for the new term. When we arrived home, all the purchased goods were dropped in the hallway and we all got iced drinks and cooled down.

The electricity man arrived to take a meter reading. I had known in the past that they are allocated a mere 3 minutes for each meter reading. The man arrived at my door, I knew he was busy but I had to invite him in for a cool drink and shade from the very hot day. My children were delighted, they loved seeing kindness.

I invited him in and he agreed to sit, have a cool drink and just rest for a while. He could see all our bags dumped in the hallway but that didn't matter to him. He enjoyed seeing my children bustle about and enjoy him being in their house.

Then he told me.

He told me something no one should ever be able to tell another person. It was about his son, his only beautiful child. His young teenage son.

His son had a friend who came by often. The father would let the friend in and trustingly let the friend go up to his son. He could never have known how fateful this one particular visit would be.

As I listened to a broken hearted and destroyed man, I heard how the friend was always borrowing money for drugs (the father did not know this at the time). On this fateful day, his son would not give his 'friend' any money and ... he was killed in his own bedroom!

This man was destroyed. Reflecting on it now, the man probably felt he had broken his son's sanctuary, a thought that will remain with him forever.

I don't remember this man's name, somehow it just didn't seem important. What I do remember though was I gave a grieving and loving father an opportunity to offload some of his grief.

My friends, we never know what others carry around with them on a daily basis. Sometimes showing a little love, tenderness and compassion can touch people in ways we could never have imagined.

May God bless this man, he's crossed my mind often recently.
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sandra wrote: What a shining example of kindness you set for your children when you gave the man the respite he needed, both from the heat and his aching heart. I wonder if you've spoken to him afterwards, on his rounds. Seems a bond is something to be nurtured. I think your children will be more eager to help others with an example of kindness they have in their mom.
bkanelewis wrote: Wonderful that you were able to give this troubled soul a listening ear. Thank you for your kindness.
Rajni wrote: Our past karma plays its part. The story of the father's was a tragedy from which we should learn to be careful rather than feel sorry later. May god bless this father with peace of mind.
mindyjourney wrote: No chance encounter, my friend. Thank you for opening to his story with your loving heart ❤️. I remember often a kind listener when I was in need :))).
AndiCas wrote: You really never know what stories another person carries with them
John74 wrote: You were there when he needed you. Thank you for being a friend. Sending him and you positive vibes and love!
Mish wrote: When you meet people with your heart open, ad you aleays do, Rose🌹Marie, your beautiful light is felt by them and it allows their heart to open . Bless you for all the love you gift to others.
kjoyw wrote: What a tragic story about the loss of his son. This man must have sensed that you had a kind and open listening heart and he so needed that and the cool drink as well. Bless you for listening and giving him comfort. What a hard thing he carried around with him everyday!
autumnsky38 wrote: Wow so touching and so sad. ❤️ U for being there and love him wherever he may be now.
leoladyc728 wrote: sad story. thank you for making his day a better one

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