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Not Just Another Number

--by Rose-Mariexox, posted Jul 29, 2017
I was at a wellness store named Sage with my aunt. As we were browsing for headache remedies, a sales associate greeted us and explained the products. As she was explaining, she was also talking about everyday life - just to make  friendly conversation and not just selling the products.

Though what struck me was that as we finished purchasing some items and thanked her for her help, she gave us each a hug and said that we are welcome to stop by and just talk to her. This shows how I was treated like a human being and not just another number that buys products and that's rare in retail. She made my day and warmed my heart.
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Rose-Mariexox wrote: To rosemarie i have xoxo with my name so no it's not a confusion.
RoseMarie wrote: Hi rose-marie, i too am rose-marie, this is going to cause a bit of confusion. People will identify us as the one person.
RoseMarie wrote: I think you are wrong rose-marie, for you and i it is simple, it's much more subtle for all the other members to pick up on. I have been a member for many years, this will be confusing, too similar. Can i ask you to please change it and add your surname or something which differentiates us xoxo doesn't really do it. Thanks
LiliAB wrote: Rosemarie i send you a gentle virtual hug. This post is a wonderful one. Thank you for sharing your ❤️
DANCE wrote: how sweet, a very warm person who cares about others
healingtree wrote: awesome!!!
splain wrote: Lovely post
Mish wrote: You connected with a kindness soul there. Always a beautiful gift. Bless.
kjoyw wrote: Great connection!
ms_joy wrote: What a gift you both shared with one another!

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