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Small Cost, Big Rewards

--by KiwiCat, posted Aug 13, 2017
I wrote two postcards and sent them off to two unwell children from
I was sad to see that they have a memorial list, and a few of the children I'd previously sent cards to have passed away.
This is a small act of kindness, cheering a sick child up by sending them a postcard. All it costs is a little time, the postcard and the postage.

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alisamom wrote: thanks for writing postcards to these kids. I'm sure you've put so smile on their faces
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing, my brighten their lives with your kind words and postcards :).
Lilijourney wrote: Sharing your kindness in this way is awesome 😘
Mish wrote: Bless ❤️
kjoyw wrote: What a wonderful way to brighten the life of a child!
leoladyc728 wrote: so very sweet of you to do

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