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Flowers, Anonymously

--by alyssafree, posted Jul 26, 2009

   Chelsi is this wonderful and drop dead gorgeous girl. She is the same age as me, and we've been best friends since as long as I can remember.

   This story has to do with something nice that someone did for her, in all actuality, it has nothing to do with me.

   We were sitting inside and earlier that week, Chelsi was bummed about something and we were talking about it. Then the doorbell rang I decided to get it while Chelsi just stayed in the living room. I answered the door and no one was there, but when I looked down there were a dozen roses!!  The tag said "To Chelsi."

   Chelsi was wondering why she'd received these until she read the rest of the card and all it said was: "Just because it's Wedneday. "
And it wasn't signed.

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lovebug wrote: A really nice reminder, we do not have to have a reason to be kind. Just because, is indeed the name of the game. Ops! Am I confused, I might still be thinking about the game of Clue. Well, what ever, you did bring a smile to my face
grammagussie wrote: Wow...a...dozen Roses...What a thoughtful "secret admirer". I bet that made her
AURELIA wrote: That is so neat and sweet at the same time :) Chelsi is a lucky gal :0) ~Aurelia
sethi wrote: Lots of Kindness to your sister.

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