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Holding The Hand Of Life

Last summer, I was working as a tour guide at a cave and there are about 230 stairs round-trip so it made it pretty difficult to walk for older people or younger ones.  This is kind of two stories in one. On one tour, you know the tour guide has a flash light and leads the way, well.. there was an elderly couple on my tour, the only two. He had a cane and had trouble seeing the bumps and stairs, so the entire way through the cave, I walked backwards with my flashlight right in his path. It felt good because I knew that I was doing a nice thing, it also hurt because since I was walking backwards ... I'd hit my head a few times, but it was totally okay! Also there was this one where this little girl just was like attached to me! She was so ... Read Full Story >>

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Poem on Every Smile

everything going on in the world is because of someone,
because of you, because of me.
we are all to blame.
every cutter, every suicide, every explosion.

we are also responsible for all the good things,
every hug, smile, laugh, a feeling of acceptance.
happiness is just a state of mind,
when we dwell on the negatives, not the positives,
it makes life a lot harder, it makes things worse.

but when we open our eyes,
look to the sky
open our minds and souls
we see, that it's just a beatutiful day.

things in this world need to change,
we need to do somthing.
but we need to fix ourselves, first.
you can't help someone else, until you help yourself

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I'm Not The Only One

i think everyone tries to make some sense of this world.  no matter who you are, i believe that you have a part in this world.  everyone really does play a part in this world. it dosen't matter if you are the president, a king, or a soul living in poverty; we are all human and we all matter. i believe that if we can all use our heads and hearts as one, and we stop being so into ourselves we really can make a difference. i know people will say, that will never happen, nothing you say can change people, it will always be the same. but "never doubt that a small group of people can't change the world, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." so i am challenging anyone who wants to, brighten someone's day, say hello to somone you don't normally talk to.  simple acts of ... Read Full Story >>

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Just One Hand

All it takes is one hand to change the world.

Three days ago, at Wal-Mart, I saw a mother holding a sleeping baby girl, she was alone and trying to get all of her groceries and things onto the sliding thing.

I noticed that it looked kind of difficult with only one hand and an entire cart!  So I peeked over and asked if she needed any help. She paused for a moment and smiled, and said, "Yes,  she's very tired."

So I grabbed her things and put them on the sliding thing. It really wasn't much but it felt good and I'm glad that I did it.

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Yes, there are people who love their job!

My ipod is in very sad shape right now so I called the Apple Support line and surprisingly, the lady I spoke with was wonderful. She was nice and informative.


I had to stay on the phone for an hour and a half, but while things were downloading etc. we chatted, and she was so pleasant. It just really makes me glad that there are people out there who love their job!

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Surprises During School Tests Don’t Usually Make You Smile

Most kids in high school dread test days.

Today was one of those dreaded test days. My first period was a test on ancient Greek mythology.
When we walked in the teacher said that ‘there was a surprise’ for the class today. Usually when a teacher says this right before a test – it is not a good thing. Today it was! One of the kids in my class had bought 2 dozen donuts for everyone in the class.
When the teacher asked him why he had done that he said “I was on my way to school when I found a $10 bill in my pocket, and I thought ‘why not?’ It’s test day and everyone could sure use a donut.”
I thought that was really neat of him because I love donuts (and good surprises) but also because, while we were all busy getting stressed out about our exams, he went out of his way to go and buy the donuts and bring them in for us.


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A Little Encouragement for Sarah

When I went to get my braces tightened the other day, a lady, who I had never seen before, came into the room.  At first, I was a little dissapointed that it wasn't my usual orthodontist. But, as time went on, I thought that she was so nice and I could tell that she was very nervous.  She was new and it took her a realllllly long time to tighten my braces.  She kept apologizing and I kept telling her, "Its fine, its fine, I get to miss more school!" =D

Later that weekend, when I got home, I dug around to find the address for the orthodontist's office.  I wrote on a card "I think you're doing a great job, Sarah." I didn't sign it and I mailed it without a return address. I hope it made her smile =D

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Flowers, Anonymously

   Chelsi is this wonderful and drop dead gorgeous girl. She is the same age as me, and we've been best friends since as long as I can remember.

   This story has to do with something nice that someone did for her, in all actuality, it has nothing to do with me.

   We were sitting inside and earlier that week, Chelsi was bummed about something and we were talking about it. Then the doorbell rang I decided to get it while Chelsi just stayed in the living room. I answered the door and no one was there, but when I looked down there were a dozen roses!!  The tag said "To Chelsi."

   Chelsi was wondering why she'd received these until she read the rest of the card and all it said was: "Just because it's Wedneday. "
And it wasn't signed.

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