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You Give And Then...You Let Go

--by bae6, posted Jul 29, 2009

I have always had a heart for strays.When my late mother was in the hospital in the 1950s I was a very young child and I collected, took care of animals.

The first animals I got home was a pigeon.I found it while walking to school.It was on the curb and his wing was broken.I hid it in the woods and when I went home,it was still there and brough it home.My father made a box for it and i fed it bread and water everyday and I kind of raised him.

The next animal I found was a black dog.This black dog was frail and she was about to have puppies.My father found the dog tied outside of the house and decided to take it in.The dog was just so happy and you could tell that this dog wasnt treated nice.We kept him in a box in the cellar.The dog had 7 puppies and in those days,no wanted them so I had them also.The animals grew to be large. Eventually we had dogs,cats birds and rabbits.

My mother was real ill because of the chemo therapy and Frank was just 21.He would come home after work and feed all of the animals and buy me colouring books.My mother returned home 3 weeks later and the smell from the basement was not nice.

We had at least 55 animals and she wanted them to go.Which they did.The black dog was given away to a family with 3 boys and I did visit him whenever I could.He was always happy to see me and animals never forget.

I will always feed and try to help animals when I can.

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Harsh.B.M wrote: Very good but daring job.
Harsh wrote: Very good but daring job.
grammagussie wrote: Wow...55 animals..Your poor mom. But I bet it is very rewarding for you to care for animals. Heres a litter for

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