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Rehmat and His Perfume

--by RoseMarie, posted Aug 25, 2017
He smelled absolutely beautiful as he leaned across the table to pour my coffee. I later learned his name was Rehmat. He works in the hotel we are staying in in Fujairah, UAE. I couldn't resist it, I had to tell him his scent was beautiful. He blushed and humbly thanked me for my compliment.

As I continued to enjoy my breakfast, Rehmat returned to my table. He presented me with his 'perfume'. There wasn't much left in it he declared but he wanted me to have it. Oh my!!! I was so touched!!! What a beautiful gesture; he'd gone to his bag and gifted me with his 'perfume'. Of course, I couldn't take this gift, it was too much. I got my friends to smell how beautiful he was.

I decided that I want to give a gift to Rehmat. I went to my room and brought down a little Irish Celtic Cross coaster. When I returned to the dining area he was gone but the manager said he would send Rehmat to my room. I gave Rehmat the little coaster. He was so touched. It was the first time in his 3 years here that a guest had gifted him something. He kept touching his heart and bowing his head.

Rehmat is from Pakistan. He told me he was going to immediately send a photo of this to his mum and other family members. Tomorrow Rehmat is going to bring me apricots and almonds from his home. I think he said he is also going to bring us to his home to sa vor their hospitality.

Rehmat thinks I have made his day, truth is, he warmed my heart more than he could possibly know.

I think I have made another friend. My friends, what a joy to open our hearts and be blessed in return with a grateful and loving heart of another. 💓
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Readers Comments

Abdullah wrote: Rehmat is an arabic word and it means both kindness and forgiveness :)
splain wrote: So lovely to hear from you. We want photos and updates. See how nice the people are and how open when a little kindness is given.
Rajni wrote: Your kindness to others is returned to you by Rehmat. The whole world is so beautiful if we think positively with our heart. Our heart's content gets manifested before our eyes. Thanks for your beautiful story.
Alisamom wrote: What adventures you're already having, and how much you've already changed rehmats live with your kindness. It's great to hear from you!
mindyjourney wrote: How wonderful to hear from you, dear rosemarie! Making a kindness splash already :))). Beautiful exchange of gratitude and connection. Thank you for sharing with us!
balou wrote: Your openness does make those beautiful connections possible, RoseMarie! Good to hear from you!
John74 wrote: Amazing! Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your story with us. :-)
AndiCas wrote: How lovely to hear this story Rose-Marie.
Mish wrote: You are an exquisite Kindness Ambassador & will bring such love there, dear Rose🌹Marie! So elated for you!!!
Mish wrote:
So awesome!!!!! What adventures you will have there!!! A once in a lifetime experience for you! So glad you took the leap, dear friend!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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