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My Bathroom Is Now Sparkling And I Smiled All Day!

--by StarBrite, posted Aug 14, 2009

It was a beautiful day outside and I was 'stuck' at home.  I was eager to go out and enjoy the day's beauty, however, I had some things to do before I could be free. Darn!

The dreaded bathroom! Yes, it was time to clean it up! "Oh, how dreadful" I thought. With lead in my feet I barely got out the cleaning equipment.  I was thinking there are at least 1,000 other things I'd rather be doing - like help others! Then, as I thought about that I felt the corners of my mouth started to turn up... and slowly there was a smile.

I started 'drawing' smiley, happy faces all over the bathroom! I found myself getting giddy and playful. As I grabbed the cleaning foam, the giggles started, then the laughs. How silly! How fun! I like this!  Weeeee! I must be 3 years old again! ;-)

My bathroom is now sparkling and I smiled all day! Smiles ARE contagious and they can turn up in the most unusual places.


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MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a nice way to make a boring project fun! Good for you!
grammagussie wrote: StarBrite...Just what was in that cleaning foam???
AURELIA wrote: I don't know, but my bathroom needs some smiley face cleaning foam too :0) ~Aurelia Smiles are Contagious
warmth wrote: grt, u still have that spark and child in u. May u always be hapy and cheerful and thank u for sharing this smilet story :)
onefish2fish wrote: I will have to remeber this the next time i am doing a task that is not so much fun! ~Stacey

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