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An Knitter's Anonymous Act to Keep a Small Person Warm

--by KiwiCat, posted Oct 10, 2017
An anonymous knitter left this for me at work. Its to take to my other job which supports families and newborn babies with practical help, and bags of clothing. The knitter wanted to be anonymous. It was really a gift of love and will keep a small person warm.

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cabbage wrote: So beautiful---great idea, thanks for the share!
Teresa wrote: This made me cry! Do you know how many hours that must have taken to knit? I am a knitter, and i can tell you it wasn't just a couple of hours. Wow!
Sunshine wrote: Very sweet!
kalaa wrote: What a kind thing to do; setting an example for the rest of us.
mindyjourney wrote: Look how sweet and delicate that little sweater is! Lovely anonymous gift for a wee babe ❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: so pretty.
pluto178 wrote: The most wonderful form of giving when no thanks is required or possible. X
balou wrote: how beautiful :-) a wonderfully mindful gift! Thank you for helping families & newborns!
Mish wrote: Beautiful craftsmanship 👍👍👍
pyronik wrote: it's lovely, blessings for everyone in your other job too

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