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The Giver Becomes the Receiver

--by laughingsoul, posted Nov 4, 2017
I have not posted much for a while but that does not mean I am not trying to do my kindness bits. It's hard to choose what to share for my 100th story, so decided on an event from last Friday.

I was waiting for my train and on the subway station’s floor was a man just sitting there. I thought he was sleeping. I looked around and nobody stopped so I just shrugged and went my way. After a few steps, I turned and asked him if he was okay and if he needed any help. He told me he was ok; his house was one station further and he would only need to take the train there. I offered my help, as I reached for his hand to help him stand.

He wanted to take the stairs but I feared he would hurt himself since he seemed too weak to walk, so I asked him to take the elevator. He insisted on taking the stairs, so I told him I would ride the elevator with him. Even though my mind was trying to put the danger lights on. Don’t go into an elevator alone with a drunk man. I put this thought out of my mind and accompanied him on the elevator.

We arrived on the platform with no incidents. The young man's knees seemed to soften, so I asked him to walk a little more with me to rest on a bench. While sitting there he thanked me, telling me that I saved him. No, I said, I really did nothing, he saved himself as he walked on his own feet. 

Finally, the train came. I found a seat and he stood next to me. At the next station, as we said our goodbyes, I asked him t o walk carefully, so as to not hurt himself. Before I knew it, he left 200 yen next to me on the seat and dashed out of the train. There was no way to give him back his money. I wanted to leave the money on the seat. but a young woman who thought it belonged to me ran after me and gave me the coins.

My initial reaction to getting that money was of shame and I even felt offended by his gesture. Then I thought he just wanted to thank me, the best way he knew how. I then saw his act of kindness as very endearing. I smiled all the way home. Now, my question is - what act of kindness shall I do with these 200 yen?

*Note: Thank you so much dear Kind Springers for all your posts! Without your inspiring stories, I would not have had the courage to help this man.
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mohamad karim wrote: Thank you for reaching out of your comfort zone, my friend, and being of service to the man in need! Oh, i have a feeling you will find a just right kindness to spend the 200 yen on
Kixx wrote: How sweet! Thank your for sharing.
scully wrote: Great story. Thanks for sharing, so awesome. The 200 yens will be needed by someone else, and i am certain you will cross paths with them when you are not even thinking of it.
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you so much for helping this man.
Mish wrote: 100 stories...awesome, laughingsoul! Such compassion & caring you shared. Bless you. ❤️ The Universe will place an opportunity in your path for those 200 yen :)
michelelpurce wrote: What a wonderful story and thanks for sharing. :) It is wonderful that he tried to thank you with this 200 yen. Sometimes even though we know that someone cannot afford to do something, I think it makes them feel better so we need to let them. I am sure you are going to think of something special with those 200 yen. :)
Healingtree wrote: An inspiring story of real caring for another, your very own brother---and mine. My heart touches your heart with gratitude.
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for reaching out of your comfort zone, my friend, and being of service to the man in need! Oh, i have a feeling you will find a just right kindness to spend the 200 yen on :)))))

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