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The Girl At The Bus Station

Last Friday was a cold day, and the bus was due to come in about 15 minutes. Sometimes I am ok waiting but not this day, so I went to the nearby convenience store and came back to the station where a  junior high school girl was still there,  waiting for the bus too. I gave her one of the two warm cocoa cans I bought and we had a little talk while warming our hands with the hot cocoa. She is to have her high school entrance exam in a week so I told her a few encouraging words. I left her happy,  she thanked me and told me she wished to see me again. I smiled and thanked her very gratefully, nodding yes, the bus had already stopped and I had to hurry away.  We may never see each other again but I am grateful to her for saying "wish I could meet ... Read Full Story >>

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Making Peace

Ever happened to have a stranger looking at you with eyes full of anger out of the blue? It was painful and confusing, but sure a great lesson. First thing that passed through my mind was that it must be a misunderstanding, such a look was not meant for me, but later I saw the old lady’s face changing every time she saw me, at least seven times, no more doubt that she was very angry with me. I was confused, shocked, and near anger, my brains were spinning, trying to figure out how’s and why’s but somehow managed to not show it on my face. Went home, slept a night over it and decided that I have to find a way to make peace with this lady. The very next day I bought some nice chocolate praying to see her again and when I caught sight of her, went straight to her ... Read Full Story >>

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The Flower Road In Japan

Saturday was a very hot day on an island in North of Japan, but it did not stop the people of a small community from gathering together and working for the benefit of people's smiles. It was a great privilege to join them.

It is a tradition now, it’s the fourth spring of the Annual Beauty and Smiles Creation. Community people together were working with colorful flowers, in soulful elation. 

There was hard sweaty work, of a Junior High School child, house wives and all kind of teachers, Asahikawa workers, and elders living near by. It was a display of an interactive action of ninety volunteers. 
All of them kneeled along the sides of 3 km road. To plant eleven thousand sunflowers, impatience, red and blue salvia, and let’s not forget the gorgeous marigold. [The roads] Tokiwaand  and Ishiyama sparkle a new colorful flower bed.‚Äč

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Talking To Strangers

Today, I was resting on a bench at a Subway station and a very tired woman came and sat next to me. I said hello and offered her some of the sweet that I was eating but she refused politely, she's just been to a coffee shop and she was already full. But the ice was broken and we talked for about half an hour . She complained of a few things and I understood her but I also helped her to notice the bright side and she would be smiling and say "yes it's true". When we said our good bye she was a different person, her tiredness seemed to be gone and instead of sighs, as she came,  left with smiles, thanking me for talking to her, it made her day.I thanked her too for telling me so many things about her life. A few minutes later, right before riding ... Read Full Story >>

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Trusting in our heart's deeper message

I was away but it did me good to have no internet for a little while. I realized that even if I don't log in to this site, the kindness stories read here keep having an impact on my life. Kindness was always part of my heart, I think it rests inside us from the moment we are conceived. Depending on what we live, kindness takes different forms in every one of us. Some later time in our lives we might learn or realize that If we could read our first thoughts when we meet somebody most people would rather live alone in the heart of a mountain, in a cave. But if we could read our second thoughts we would all look for people's hands, hold them and feel our hearts warm. In second thoughts most usually, kindness is the queen and king. All we need is to allow them a voice. ... Read Full Story >>

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The Giver Becomes the Receiver

I have not posted much for a while but that does not mean I am not trying to do my kindness bits. It's hard to choose what to share for my 100th story, so decided on an event from last Friday. I was waiting for my train and on the subway station’s floor was a man just sitting there. I thought he was sleeping. I looked around and nobody stopped so I just shrugged and went my way. After a few steps, I turned and asked him if he was okay and if he needed any help. He told me he was ok; his house was one station further and he would only need to take the train there. I offered my help, as I reached for his hand to help him stand. He wanted to take the stairs but I feared he would hurt himself since he seemed too weak to walk, so I asked him ... Read Full Story >>

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A Mother Who Fed Me With Inspiration

Yesterday I saw a mother holding her baby a bit awkward, struggling to get a better hold of her baby, there was no seat around, I thought she was tired. I stopped and praised the beauty of her child and she gave me the baby to hold. I kept the beautiful baby for a few minutes and expressed my gratitude and pleasure, and the baby laughed. When I left, the mother and the baby were all smiles, but guess who kept the biggest one, for hours and even now as I remember it? [Laughs] Probably me.  And if you can forgive this long space and the time I take, please allow me to share my new poem: Mother and child Caress me mother, Touch me! Just give me one finger Won't demand your hand! -Sweet dear child, Don't you really know? Nothing can stop The primal love of mothers To you I dedicate my life, entire Eternally you'll have me In flesh and ... Read Full Story >>

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She Nearly Passed This Butterfly on the Road, But Changed Her Mind

Dear KindSpring world, I don't know how many of you are aware of the magic you do. By sharing kindness stories you not only inspire us but also nourish the seeds of harmony and love, connect our souls with self, with others, and with nature.

Today as I was crossing the road in the middle of it, was a butterfly. I thought it was dead and passed it through but my soul shivered imagining it being crashed by a car so I stepped back, took it on a piece of paper blown by the wind my way (was'nt it a coincidence?!) and let it slide in a green zone on a flower.

To my surprise, discovered it was alive, flapped its wings a few times, like "a thank you note" and oh, my happiness grown so heavy, a few tons in only one second! So, dear friends, if my soul was not to be filled with so many inspiring stories of kindness read here, maybe I would have never get back to save that little butterfly.

Thank you! May the magic of kindness keep spreading! Grateful thanks, dear KindSpring!

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A Man In A Hospital Bed Joins In On The Annual Yosakoi Dance

Yosakoi Dance is a gift of one giving their everything. Day and night dancers create time to rehearse to bring smiles to people.  Every year, in Japan in June for a few days, the streets are filled with music and dance. Hundreds of Yosakoi dance groups (from 30 to 300 people) share their amazing energy. Over 25 thousand people- students, workers, even mothers (with their less than a year old babies in tow) to over 80 year old grandparents, everyone from all over the country come to participate in the dance. They use every minute of their free time painfully rehearsing their dances, for many hours, every week, for the entire year. What every team member has in common other than hard work and dance, is a great big Smile on their faces! The Dance brought about a very touching moment that was witnessed. Amidst the colorful stage, loud flutes and drums one could see a person ... Read Full Story >>

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Precious Words

Today I bought a few pastries and had an 85 year old man who was sitting next to me chose one for himself. He was happily surprised and we got to talk about the sports he participated in until his late 70s.

Table tennis seemed to be his favorite. It was an interesting, fun and happy moment for both of us. We just have to keep open and opportunities to do good will show themselves. People are sometimes  starving for conversation or even a few kind words. These offers could be as precious as a loaf of bread.

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Learning To Receive

To be kind is a natural way of being, but to show, share, gift our love and kindness unconditionally, more often is a proof of  freedom. Could it be  a freedom purified from all the fears and mistrust, freedom from "what will it be thought of me if I do it" , freedom from expectations and, so important, freedom from self doubt, shame, and hesitance to receive back when we gift unconditionally. Kindness was always part of my life yet I always miss so many opportunities to do more acts, limiting self to only one percent or even less of what my mind comes up with,  wonder why? Today's story is about a new friendship made in the bus. We talked all the way to the city's center, and we ended up at a coffee shop where we spent more hours talking. We had a good time. Before saying good bye exchanged our ... Read Full Story >>

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Opportunities All Around Us

There are many kind acts that we can  do, it just takes our intention to act. I helped a woman who was so panicked that she was doing swimming motions splashing through a melted snow puddle. After I was sure she was not in need of an ambulance, I helped her calm down, get back on her feet, and got her into a taxi. Other times on icy roads I offer my arm to help older people walk . I used to carry some sweets or food and share with my friends and colleagues, and sometimes with people I met for the first time. But is kindness only about doing? I think it is so much more. It is loving, beig aware,  grateful, and happy. I am grateful for every opportunity and today, for the snowy morning which raised my hopes that we will have a warm beautiful spring in May when we ... Read Full Story >>

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Lost And Found

Last week I dropped my mobile phone. Imagine my happiness after 4 hours of worries, when I learned that a woman in her 40's brought it to the subway station, intact, with my prepaid credit and travel cards still in its pockets. I could not reach her to thank her, as she left no name or phone number, but, I am so grateful. I wish her wellness, and  also wish she'll  get back some important lost thing.

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My Sunday Smile

A while ago waiting for my daughter I indulged myself with a coffee of which I used to be so dependent of that when I stopped it I had headache for days. So while I was enjoying my rare moment, I was intrigued by an old men who seemed not well. I could not see his face to be sure, as it was laid between his folded arms on the table, he had a long warm coat, and a big backpack which made me think he could be a homeless. I quit wondering, went to his table patted him on the arm and asked him "are you ok? "He raised his head and mumbled something, nodding yes.I realized by the strong smell that he was indeed a homeless man. I asked him if he is hungry and I could not understand his answer but I didn't gave up, asked him if he would like ... Read Full Story >>

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